18th September 2017

4 Danny Elfman have had a brilliant first week back. We have earned 9 handshakes and have an attendance total of 97.1%

In English we have been looking at biographies, which we began by writing about a family member. We then looked at a biography of Roald Dahl and have discussed the different features of this text type. We ended the week by researching our namesake, Danny Elfman, and will write up our biographies about him next week.

In Maths we have all loved learning about Roman Numerals. Everybody has made great progress and tried some tricky challenges. 

Can you solve this problem? LXXIX + XCVI = ?
If you tell me the correct answer next week, you will earn a Marvellous Me badge!
Speaking of Marvellous Me, I have finally got the app up and running and will start awarding badges properly next week. If you need a reminder of how to follow your progress, please ask me for a copy of the password and details on how to access it.

Just a reminder that we are aiming to read at least 3 times a week at home (ideally more), with at least 1 read signed off by an adult in our reading diaries. Children who achieve this will also be awarded a Marvellous Me badge. 
Keep up the good work 4DE!