18th December 2017

It is hard to believe that we are already almost at the end of the Autumn term. The children have all made good progress in their learning so far in Year 4 and should be very proud of their efforts. I have been particularly impressed with how quickly most are improving with their recall of multiplication (and division!) facts. Everyone loves the new Times Table Rock Stars program we are using and if you haven’t already played at home, you can access the site on a computer of tablet – I know many of you are already doing this! To ensure that we fill any gaps in times tables knowledge, I have asked all children to start from the beginning with 10 x tables. When their recall is so fluent that they can complete a quiz in less than 1 second per question they will receive a certificate and move onto the next table. Many children have already taken home certificates, and I am sure we will whizz through these earlier stages and move onto trickier times tables during the Spring term. They can practice their current set times table in the Garage section of the website, but also practice right up to their 12 x table using the other areas.

Thank you very much to everyone who attended our Christmas Enterprise – and also to those of you who made orders before the event. Our birdfeeders were a huge success and we sold out, although I am sure this was down to the fabulous efforts of our sellers. We definitely have a few children who have future careers as market traders, and maybe even one or two who should think about applying for The Apprentice! We had a turnover of approx £96, which gave us a total profit of £66 when we repaid the £30 start-up loan. The class have been very engaged in our discussions of how to spend our earnings. They are currently trying to persuade me a class pet is the way to go, so they have been set homework of pricing the cost of furry creatures (no snakes or spiders!) and their homes, food, toys and other needs. Watch this space to see if anyone is able to convince me!

We have been very busy preparing for our Beaumanor Experience next Wednesday afternoon and look forward to seeing you there. If possible, it would be lovely for children to come to school on Wednesday in their outfit that they wore during the Beaumanor trip. We will be displaying our work and running mini-experiences similar to those we took part in on our excursion. 

Unfortunately we only achieved 9 handshakes this week so were not the winners of the final ‘Class of the Week’ award. However, we are very excited to find out about our new houses so were not too disappointed. We are still doing very poorly with our attendance, and once again were the lowest scoring class. I really hope that the Christmas break gives us the chance to get rid of our germs once and for all, as we already have some fantastic learning experiences planned and would hate for anyone to miss out!