9th December 2017

It has been a whirlwind of a week with assessments, 100% rewards and preparation for Christmas Enterprise and the Beaumanor Experience - not to mention the usual lessons, assemblies and clubs that have to be maintained! Everyone should be very proud of their hard work and I hope we all (myself included) are able to keep the momentum going as we have 2 more jam-packed weeks until Christmas!

We look forward to welcoming parents to our Christmas Enterprise shop. After much deliberation and mathematical conundrums, we have settled on selling all of our birdseed decorations for 75p each. We are hoping to make enough profit that we can buy ourselves a treat, as well as donating to charity, reinvesting for Easter enterprise, and hopefully have enough left to buy the cleaners a present as they have had to deal with cleaning up our birdseed covered carpets! We voted for our favourite poster, and Daisy was the winner. Her poster will be displayed on our Facebook page, but you can see all of our posters if you visit our stall.

In Maths we have begun to use Times Table Rock Stars, and it would be great if you could try to use this as home too – Mr Fleet has put up a link on the website. The aim is to become a Rock Hero by Year 6 – which involved answering times tables in less than 1 second per question! I’m sure we can make it if we keep practicing as hard as we have this week. Everybody is really enjoying this new program, and we have all become quite fond of Chuck Berry in the process!

Our weekly highlight was finally bombing the beautiful Anderson Shelters we had all worked so hard on as homework! Mr Haslam seemed to enjoy this a tad too much – watch our video to see how we got on! Whilst not all shelters survived, we all loved watching and learning about why some shelters performed better than others.

We came close to winning Class of the Week – we were the highest scorers outside of Year 6. As next week is the last time we can win Class of the Week before we move into School Houses, we are working extra hard to win! We are holding doors at every opportunity and earning as many handshakes as possible. Fingers crossed!