6th November 2017

We have had a great, but very busy, first week back in 4DE. We may have only received  6 handshakes, but are back on form with our attendance, hitting 99.1% this week – another certificate earned for the cake fund! 

As the children have shown a great interest in anything spooky and gruesome, our reading this week focused on the poem, The Bogeyman. We completed lots of activities focusing on identifying and defining unknown words, using expression in our reading, and thinking about impact words. We also studied poetry in English, and each created our own Blackout poem. These were created by taking pages from books and painting out words so that we were left with just 1 sentence. Everyone really enjoyed this, and it was a great chance to practice our fine motor skills as we had to use our paintbrushes very carefully so that we only painted over the words we didn’t want! Check out some of the examples below.

In Maths, we began to look at column subtraction that involves exchanging. Whilst some people found this easier than others, it has been lovely to see how everyone supports each other in their learning. We will be continuing this topic next week, with children being grouped according to their needs so that everyone is pushed to the best of their abilities.

We have been continuing to complete our Blitz artwork in Topic time, and are very much looking forward to our trip on Thursday. Don’t forget to dress up!

It was great to see so many parents at parent’s evening, and thank you to all who attended. If anyone ever wants to meet for a chat, please either call or send a note in your child’s organiser and I will be happy to arrange a convenient time. As discussed with those who attended, we are now completing our spellings using the online program, Purple Mash. All children have access to this site and in addition to practising their spellings, there are a range of really engaging and beneficial maths games, as well as hundreds of other activities to investigate.