27th November 2017

It has been an absolutely bonkers week in 4DE. We have again had a very low attendance of 91.7% as the sickness bug has continued to spread amongst us (myself included), but we haven’t let that get our spirits down! We received 12 handshakes and Ruby fed back to use about the plan to introduce school houses. We had a talk about how this would work and possible house names, and are excited to find out which house we are all in!

In English, we had a SPaG week looking at the different types of sentences – simple, compound and complex. It’s fair to say that on Tuesday nobody could explain what these words meant nor give an example. After a few days of researching, grouping and reducing sentences, the teachers decided to put Year 4 to the ultimate test, and brought in Stanley the Sentence Wizard.

Unfortunately, Stanley’s pet gorilla had caused chaos and scattered Stanley’s carefully organised sentences throughout the library, corridor and Year 4 classrooms. The children had to work with a partner (to ensure they weren’t easy targets for the still-on-the-loose gorilla) to find sentences that matched the types on their sheets.

There was lots of fantastic discussion as children talked about verbs, clauses, and coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, to decide what type of sentence they were faced with. After a bit of feedback, Stanley led us outside to help capture the escaped gorilla. He read out a sentence, and children had to run to the corresponding area of the playground to show if they thought it was simple, compound or complex. After a few goes, the gorilla appeared. With the promise of humbugs if he got the questions right, the children helped him to work out what each sentence type was. We were very successful in this, so Mrs Hilton-Loom fed him a humbug as a reward. I have it on good authority that the humbug was delicious.

In Maths, we have been investigating perimeter and completed investigations to find out if and how changing a shape affected its perimeter. We will be beginning a unit on multiplication and division next week, so it would be very helpful if you could ensure that you are practising your times tables at home (although I am sure you all are already!)

Christmas Enterprise is less than 3 weeks away and preparations have already begun. We have some prototypes of the birdseed decorations that we will be making and selling, and have used these to influence discussions on prices, advertising and what to do with our profit. Our top priority is to start advertising, so I have set everybody a task on Purple Mash to create a poster.

Click on the purple bell and you will see a link to a page with everything you need – including product photos and clip art. Think carefully about everything we have learnt about persuasive writing this term (AFOREST!) and ‘hand-in’ your completed posters online so I can print them.

Of course, you can make your own poster as well, using felt tips, paint, collage, etc. Again, just bring them into class and we’ll begin our advertising campaign.