20th November 2017

There seems to have been a bit of a bug going around Year 4 this week with many children off sick. We only achieved 92.2% as our weekly attendance, so please make sure you are washing hands and thinking about hygiene so we don’t keep spreading our germs! We were awarded 7 handshakes, but are getting very excited as Mrs Alford has hinted that there might be a bit of a shake-up in how we collect handshakes soon. Only the class councillor, Ruby, knows the secret, and she hasn’t told us yet!


Whilst it has been a busy week overall, Friday was particularly busy as it was Children in Need. Thank you to everyone who donated £1 for their non-uniform day and biscuit. Please bring in the money as soon as possible if not so we can donate it to this worthy cause. It has also been Anti-Bullying week, so we spent Friday afternoon talking about a short animation called Daisy Chains. We had lots of excellent discussion about images from the story and asked lots of provoking questions. After watching the clip, we talked about what bullying is and in particular the need to be aware of cyber-bullying and how anything we share on the internet can be instantly accessed by people all over the world and can never be permanently deleted. 

I have tried especially hard this week to make sure that nobody has forgotten to take home their reading books and diaries, and look forward to giving out lots of stickers on Monday for all the reading you have been doing!