13th November 2017

Of course, the big event for 4DE this week was the long-awaited trip to Beaumanor Hall. We had a fantastic day and once again everyone impressed with their behaviour and thought-provoking questions to ask our guides. Whilst some children found aspects of the trip a little upsetting, we all agreed that it was an amazing opportunity to see what WWII would have been like for British citizens and were reminded of how lucky we are. 

Upon arrival, we learnt about evacuation and how children were expected to be ‘seen and not heard’ – which some of us found more difficult than others! We also discovered that boys in the 1940s were expected to look after their female counterparts, and a particular shout-out goes to Leo who was very reliable in remembering to hold the door for ladies to enter a room first! We were taken into a real bomb shelter in the basement, and experienced the terrifying sounds, sights and smells that people would have suffered through. 

After lunch, we went to a school room and, in addition to completing postcards and ID cards, had to prepare a shopping list to cook Mrs Goulder a delicious 1940s meal. We took turns to visit the shop and spend our ration vouchers, and learnt about which foods were rationed and why. 

Our final activity of the day was to walk over to the original Listening Station used during the war, which was cleverly hidden inside some worker’s cottages. In here, we got to listen to and decode messages. We learnt about how hard this job would have been in real life – 6 hours of sitting still listening to crackling radio signals with not toilet break!

I am sure that everyone would agree that this was a unique experience and one we are all glad to have taken part in (although many of us would not like another trip to the bomb-shelter!) It has greatly enhanced our learning and we look forward to sharing more with you during our World War II Experience Day, coming up in December. Thank you to everyone for taking part in this trip, and well done again on your excellent behaviour.

Back in school, we were slightly below our usual standard for attendance and so failed to receive an award. We did very well with a total of 22 handshakes, but as the winning class had a whopping 40 handshakes we missed out on Class of the Week too. We had a fantastic first lesson back on Friday, and all impressed Mrs Goulder with our attempts to write quotes and captions using AFOREST  to include in a persuasive leaflet, which we will be creating over the next few weeks.