16th October 2017

Big news in 4DE, as we welcomed Trinity to our class. Trinity previously attended Carr Hill in Year 1, so some of us remember her and have quickly re-established friendships. It has been lovely to see how everyone in the class has helped her to settle in and teach her our daily routines. Thanks everyone!

We have proven ourselves to be excellent mathematicians in 4DE this week, with all of us able to show a good understanding of how to solve calculations involving 4 digit numbers. We have spent a lot of time ensuring that our work is neatly presented, and are eager to move onto exchanging and carrying over numbers when we add and subtract next week. 

A lot of our English time this week has been used to up-level our work by thinking carefully about our choices of adjectives and adverbs to create different moods. We have produced some brilliantly spooky stories, thinking about describing settings, feelings and characters. We are hoping to find time to write these up neatly over the next few weeks, so we have a class book of our terrifying stories ready for Hallowe’en!

We achieved a good score of 10 handshakes this week, but a slightly disappointing 97.4% attendance which put us just 0.6% below receiving our 3rd attendance award! We have not yet discussed whether to spend or save our certificates, and Mrs Goulder has been very well-behaved and resisted immediately cashing them in for cake.