19th March 2018

This week in 4DE we have enjoyed creating our own ‘unseen scenes’ from The Firework Maker’s Daughter. Everybody chose to focus on the conversation that Chulak and Lila had when they discovered that Hamlet (the King’s white elephant) could talk. As well as giving everybody a chance to show off their skills as cinematographers and actors, (and I must say we have some AMAZING actors in 4DE – look out Hollywood!) the purpose of this exercise was to give us an opportunity to practise writing speech for different text types. The children have completed various activities investigating and sorting the different ways that speech can be written, and decided that the two main types are narrative and play script (although we have also discussed other possibilities such a comic strip speech bubbles and text messages). We recorded our short scenes using a tablet and then worked in groups of two in the ICT suite – one partner carefully watching and listening to the recorded video, the other typing this up to create a script. This resulted in some very impressive play scripts. I am very impressed with the progress that the children have made in a week and we all now seem to be confident play-writes! The challenge will come next week when we recreate our scripts as narratives and I look forward to sharing the results of these with you.

It has been a challenging week in Maths as we have investigated the different ways of recognising and calculating equivalent fractions. We have used fraction walls, created and compared drawings, and investigated the relationship between the numerator and denominator when comparing fractions. Everybody has managed to find a strategy that works best for them, but similarly we have all found a technique that is more challenging. Well done to everybody for showing huge perseverance. We have also had many discussions about how much easier equivalent fractions are IF YOU KNOW YOUR TIMES TABLES!!! I cannot stress enough how important it is to know all your multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 (which can be practised on the fantastic Times Table Rock Stars). It really will make learning in all areas of Mathematics so much easier and I appreciate your support in sharing this message and practising as much as possible at home. There are also some great fractions games in the Maths area of Purple Mash which you might like to practise at home.

In our Topic lessons we have started to learn about Sherpas in Nepal. We have investigated family life, religion  and community, and will be spending next week designing and making prayer flags. We plan to hang these during our Mountain Day, coming up on March 28th.

As Easter moves ever closer, we have been taking time as a class to discuss Easter Enterprise. We have agreed that our class will organise an Easter card competition. We plan to charge 50p to enter and will award prizes for the best entries. We need to decide on prizes and how to advertise our event and will be working on this over the final two weeks of term. It was very exciting to learn that we came third and received a bronze certificate for raising the most money at Christmas Enterprise. We hope that we can be just as successful with our Easter Project!

12th March 2018

It has been assessment week at Carr Hill and I must praise the children for how well they have responded to a change of routine and all have worked really hard to show themselves off at their best. Well done everyone – enjoy a relaxing weekend and we’ll get back to our usual routine next week.

Of course, we have also found time to squeeze in some exciting learning, and children and teachers alike were fascinated by our visit from Mr Grayson, who came to discuss mountains with us. Mr Grayson is an avid rock climber and showed us the equipment he uses and shared some exciting (and terrifying) tales of his adventures!

This has really helped to bring our Rock Stars topic to life, and we are going to build on our mountain knowledge by holding a Mountain Day towards to end of term. 

We finished the week with a belated World Book Day and I was very impressed by the effort put in this year. Everybody in the class got involved and we had a fantastic turnout to our biscuits and books morning. Pikelet even made an appearance - although we discovered he doesn’t like books about birds, and tried to make an escape when Justin shared one with him!

We decided to challenge Year 4 to a quiz after lunch. Working in teams of four, they had to identify different children’s books from only their first lines. All Year 4 teachers were really impressed with our pupils’ knowledge. Most teams scored above 15/35, with the winning scoring a massive 21/35. Considering the teachers’ team managed 29/35, that is a very impressive result!

19th February 2018

…and we’ve made it to the end of term! Hurray! Everyone deserves a well-earned break after their hard work on reducing and summarising the story ‘Escape from Pompeii’ into a comic strip, performing outstandingly during our work on area, and (most importantly) learning all about rocks, with a little help from some chocolate, during our Science Day. I will hand it over to the kids to tell you what we learned. Enjoy half term!

12th February 2018

Friday has been a chaotic and fun-filled end to another busy week in Year 4. We have once again earned ourselves an attendance award (by the skin of our teeth!) and Garnet won the House cup. We haven’t had Miss Malatratt today so we are going to roll our hamster points over to next week so the winning table can have a proper session caring for him. 

We have been working really hard on figurative language all half term, and this week completed our Hot Tasks to show how much we have learnt. I am really impressed with all of the pieces I have marked so far – here are a few examples for you to look at. 

We have continued to work on formal methods of multiplication, and spend Friday morning trying to solve calculations and follow clues that led us to uncover the secret Year 4 password, Wibble Banana Trousers. We continued our fun Friday with a scientific afternoon. We have been thinking about how to simulate a volcanic eruption and were able to experiment with a few different methods. Take a look at our photos and videos and see which eruption you think is the best. I think it is clear by the look on Summer’s face which one she preferred!