5th February 2018

In maths we have now moved onto fractions!! So far, we have spent time finding equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions and we can now convert improper fractions into mixed number fractions! We begun to convert these fractions using cubes to help us, then we moved onto bar model and finally we could convert the fractions without the aid of cubes or the bar model! 


Ethan and Phoebe spread out onto the floor to make sure they had lots of room to convert their fractions!


Well done to our superstars of the week— Neisha , Alex and Ethan! Keep up the hard work!! 


In guided reading we are now looking at the poem The Highwayman. There are lots of new VIP words for us to learn such as Ostler, Stable-wicket and many more. We discussed what all the various unknown words meant so that we were able to fully understand the poem.


In history we have been learning all about the Battle of Marathon! We learnt about the reason as to why a marathon is called a marathon , due to the 25 miles the Athenian army walked to battle in Marathon. Everyone drew and labelled their own Greek Hoplite (Greek Soldier) and we spent a lot of time learning about the battle and how the Athenian army unexpectedly won the battle due to their tactic of charging at the Persian Army in their (Phalanx). 

Here are some of the finished Greek Hoplites. 

As well as this, we spent time discussing the method the Greek Hoplites used in the battle of marathon to defeat the Persian army,. It was called the Phalanx, which is a body of troops standing or moving in close formation. We took to the playground to create our own Phalanx.