12th February 2018

Still continuing with fractions in maths, we have been working on fraction sequences and finding the missing fraction in the sequence based on the pattern of the sequence.

In English we are beginning to look at non-chronological reports! We will be writing these about our own mythical creature that we are creating!

In history this week, we spent time learning about The Trojan War Horse and how the Greeks used it to sneak into Troy over night and destroy the city! We acted out the story in groups and created freeze frames. We then used these freeze frames to create our own comic strips of the story!


Paris the Prince of Troy stole the King of Sparta’s wife, causing a battle between the Trojan’s and the Sparta’s



The battle lasted for ten long years!



The Greeks came up with the plan of leaving a giant horse outside the gates of Troy. Thinking it was a gift and a surrender, the Trojan’s took the horse into the city.



Little did they know that hidden inside the horse were Greek soldiers!


Once the people of Troy were asleep, the Greeks snuck out of the horse and let the rest of their army into the city!


The Greek army destroyed Troy!

In R.E, we have been talking and thinking about how the world was first created. We discussed about how we imagined the world to look when God very first created it! When asked, Ashley said he imagined it to be good and clean and there to be lots of bird flying around. We discussed how we felt that we imagined it to be quite pure and have a calm atmosphere to it. We then used our imagination and ideas of God’s creation to create and drawing! 


In music we have moved onto singing The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Once perfected we will record a video for you all to see!!


Well done to this weeks superstars, Oliver and Lilly! Keep up the hard work!