15th January 2018

Well done to this week’s superstars! Keep up the hard work!


In guided reading this week,  we have begun reading  new books in our groups and working through various tasks based around the book. There have been great discussions going on around the classroom, whether it be about the feelings of the main character or making predictions on what we think might happen next based on what we have already read.

In English, we finished out diary entries as climbers trekking up Mount McKinley, they are great pieces of writing that all the children should be proud of. 

We finished the week with lots of science, learning all about adaptation and why animals need to adapt in order to survive. We also discussed how those who do not adapt eventually become extinct and how this is called natural selections! We conducted an experiment to see which bird would survive on ‘chocolate button island’ based on how many chocolate buttons they can capture in their beak in one minute. We created a ducks beak out of lolly pop sticks, a pelicans out of plastic spoons and a humming birds out of tooth picks. We came to the conclusion that the pelican would be the survivor on chocolate button island as it moved the most chocolate buttons in the one minute as it could scoop them up in their larger beaks quickly and easily .

We also discussed why some animals have adapted in order to be able to camouflage into their surroundings. On a plain piece of paper we created a background that an animal would need to blend into. We did this using A tray, marble and paint!

Once we had created our background, we did the same to a piece of paper with a template of an animal on, we covered the template in the same way so that the animal would be camouflaged when put against the background! Many children commented that they could no longer see what animal their original template was, which they then realised they had created an animal that had adapted to camouflage into it’s environment and would be safe from predators!