19th February 2018


Well done to our superstars of the week—Scarlett and Harry! They have showed consistent hard work and determination when working with fractions this week! Keep up the hard work!

Maths—This week we have been working really hard when it comes to comparing fractions! There are many steps when it comes to comparing fractions, especially mixed number fractions, but the children have shown great determination this week and have cracked this skill due to this!! Well done guys!

English—We are in the midst's are writing our non-chronological reports on our own mythological creatures! There are some that live in forests, others in hidden lagoons and some that live in the famous Mount Olympus! We are excited to share them with you once they are completed!

Religious Education  -This week we spent time discussing commitments! Commitments that Christians have to make and how they make a difference to the lives they lead! We discussed how we could all create our own list of commitments that we felt would have a positive difference on our lives! The whole class really got into this and came up with some really great commitments! It was great and also interesting to discover what commitments individuals feel are important in life! Everyone chose a favourite from their list! See the pictures to discover everyone’s favourite/most important commitment they want to make!


Cake party—The children have shown real compassion towards each other this term! The way they encourage and support each other is something they should be really proud of! Their attitude towards each other makes for a great classroom environment! I awarded them with a cake party at the end of the term to show them how proud I am of them! You should all be proud too! Have a great half term!

12th February 2018

Still continuing with fractions in maths, we have been working on fraction sequences and finding the missing fraction in the sequence based on the pattern of the sequence.

In English we are beginning to look at non-chronological reports! We will be writing these about our own mythical creature that we are creating!

In history this week, we spent time learning about The Trojan War Horse and how the Greeks used it to sneak into Troy over night and destroy the city! We acted out the story in groups and created freeze frames. We then used these freeze frames to create our own comic strips of the story!


Paris the Prince of Troy stole the King of Sparta’s wife, causing a battle between the Trojan’s and the Sparta’s



The battle lasted for ten long years!



The Greeks came up with the plan of leaving a giant horse outside the gates of Troy. Thinking it was a gift and a surrender, the Trojan’s took the horse into the city.



Little did they know that hidden inside the horse were Greek soldiers!


Once the people of Troy were asleep, the Greeks snuck out of the horse and let the rest of their army into the city!


The Greek army destroyed Troy!

In R.E, we have been talking and thinking about how the world was first created. We discussed about how we imagined the world to look when God very first created it! When asked, Ashley said he imagined it to be good and clean and there to be lots of bird flying around. We discussed how we felt that we imagined it to be quite pure and have a calm atmosphere to it. We then used our imagination and ideas of God’s creation to create and drawing! 


In music we have moved onto singing The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Once perfected we will record a video for you all to see!!


Well done to this weeks superstars, Oliver and Lilly! Keep up the hard work!

5th February 2018

In maths we have now moved onto fractions!! So far, we have spent time finding equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions and we can now convert improper fractions into mixed number fractions! We begun to convert these fractions using cubes to help us, then we moved onto bar model and finally we could convert the fractions without the aid of cubes or the bar model! 


Ethan and Phoebe spread out onto the floor to make sure they had lots of room to convert their fractions!


Well done to our superstars of the week— Neisha , Alex and Ethan! Keep up the hard work!! 


In guided reading we are now looking at the poem The Highwayman. There are lots of new VIP words for us to learn such as Ostler, Stable-wicket and many more. We discussed what all the various unknown words meant so that we were able to fully understand the poem.


In history we have been learning all about the Battle of Marathon! We learnt about the reason as to why a marathon is called a marathon , due to the 25 miles the Athenian army walked to battle in Marathon. Everyone drew and labelled their own Greek Hoplite (Greek Soldier) and we spent a lot of time learning about the battle and how the Athenian army unexpectedly won the battle due to their tactic of charging at the Persian Army in their (Phalanx). 

Here are some of the finished Greek Hoplites. 

As well as this, we spent time discussing the method the Greek Hoplites used in the battle of marathon to defeat the Persian army,. It was called the Phalanx, which is a body of troops standing or moving in close formation. We took to the playground to create our own Phalanx. 

29th January 2018


Well done to our superstars of the week, Callie and Zak! Keep up the hard work!

In maths this week, we have moved from multiplication onto division! We can now divide a one digit number by a three or four digit number using both the grid method and the bus stop method! We have also been challenging ourselves with lots of real life and reasoning division problems! Ones such as :

We have started creating headlines ready for when we write our newspaper report on Theseus and the Minotaur! As well as discussing the 5W’s that are always included in any report (Who, what, where, when and why/how)!

Lots more creative ideas in gymnastics this week as we carried on with our sequences!

In our topic lessons this week, we have spent time look at all the different Greek Gods and Goddesses! We have learnt all about their powers and what they are the God or Goddess of, make sure to ask your child what they know as their recall skills when it comes to information on them has been great! It was fascinating to learn how the Gods and Goddesses are related in various ways. We showed our knowledge on their connections by creating a family tree in pairs!