21st May 2018

English -  This week we have moved onto to narrative writing! We are focusing on spooky and suspense stories! Our stimulus for writing is a haunted house! We have begun working on setting the scene within the first paragraph! Here is an example, written by Amelia!

Maths—The work on decimals continues in maths! This week we have divided and multiplied numbers by 10,100 and 1000! We have discussed all about how numbers change position on the place value chart depending on whether you are dividing or multiplying by 10,100 or 1000!

Science—We are learning all about states of matter in science! We have been learning about changing states. We discussed solids that can dissolve in water, and what it means when something dissolves. At the start of the lesson everyone discussed what they thought dissolve means. These are the original thoughts!

Everyone thought that dissolve means the solid liquid disappears, when in fact the particles become so small you can no longer see them! We discussed how solids such as salt and sugar dissolve in water but they do eventually reach a point where they no longer dissolve, when this happens it becomes a saturated solution! 

The investigation was to discover at which point when adding salt and sugar to water can it no longer dissolve, making it a saturated solution! It appeared to be around 19 for salt and in the twenties for sugar!


14th May 2018

English—Carrying on with our instructional writing we began to plan our own potions! We had lots of different ideas! From ones that make you strong, to ones that help you become the smartest person or the greatest gymnast! We also spent time ordering methods in order to understand how important it is for the steps flow in a sequence and are clear when writing an instructional text! 

P.E—Everyone has been in charge of their own different games this week, they have been games that are building up our Kwik Cricket skills! Everyone has worked really well independently in their groups and takes control of their own sessions!

Religious Education - As we are learning about spiritual expression and how various religions we have spent this week learning about and making stained glass windows! We discussed how different colours within the windows represent different things such as faith, innocence and determination—and made our own windows to express us as a person! The results are fab! 

30th April 2018

Well done to our  superstars of the week! Amelia, Neisha, Billy and Ethan.

Your efforts have not gone unnoticed this week! Keep it up!

English— Our next topic in English is instructional writing! In line with our brand new topic ‘chemistry kitchen’  (where we will learn all about the states of matter) we will be writing a piece of instructional writing on how to make a potion! We spent the week dissecting different instructions, creating success criteria’s, deciding what features some instructions were missing or what made them stand out!

Maths—We are still working on decimals! This week we worked on ordering and comparing decimals! We also learnt about percent and that it means parts of 100! We also looked at all the different ways a percent can be portrayed, as well as converting them to fractions and decimals!  Here we are ordering decimal numbers from descending order!

Science—In science we are continuing to learn about healthy bodies! This week, we discussed drugs and alcohol and the effects they can have on the body. The class were really engaged and mature about the topic and a lot of good questions were asked!