16th October 2017


This week has been a great one for Charles Darwin! Not only did we get over 98%, meaning we received an award, but we also received the most handshakes out of all the classes which means we were awarded class of the week!! We are feeling extremely happy and proud of ourselves!

We have worked really hard on our spelling this week, particularly on our ‘ough’ words! The effort that the whole class have put in both at home and during class was evident in our weekly spelling test scores, with almost everyone getting at least 10/13 and five pupils getting full marks!! Well done guys!

In English, we have continued with our wonderful Varjak writing, we are excited to turn these pieces are writing into books and share them with you at the gallery on the last day of term!

Finally, in P.E, we came to the end of our Bollywood topic, we have worked hard over the weeks learning different Bollywood movements, constructing and adapting them in our own way to create brilliant routines! Watch the results below!

9th October 2017

At the start of the week, we had a great morning creating our own Graffiti masterpieces! We began by creating our own stencil, which we then spray painted onto our boards. There were many different designs amongst the class including, diamonds, love hearts, emojis and even x-box controllers! Using the lid of the cans, we added splats to our designs as well as spraying hashtags and other designs onto our board. We finished off the session by spraying a word across the board; many of us chose our name to make our designs personal! We cannot wait to show them off at the gallery before the end of term!

In maths, we have moved onto addition and subtraction, kick starting with our mental addition and subtraction! We played a great game in which we rolled dice to produce numbers and would race each other in mentally adding and subtracting the numbers, we have become much faster!


During English lessons, we have been working on our descriptive detail in narrative writing. We are getting so good that we are now tweaking the descriptive details in our class-reading book Varjak Paw. With our writing skills, we are able to improve the writing of the S.F Said!

This week we have also spent time learning about the City of Berlin! We compared Berlin to London and discovered many differences and similarities between the two. For example, the population of London is over double that of Berlin. We also learnt about the Berlin wall, learning about when, why and how it happened. We spent time thinking about what it would be like to have been an East Berlin resident and how awful it would have been!


2nd October 2017


This week we have been learning all about Retford and its past, both in and out of the classroom! On Monday and Wednesday this week, we took to the streets of Retford and spent time looking at pictures of Retford in the past and discussing the differences between the picture and what can be seen there now! We also spent time at the Bassetlaw museum finding out how Retford has evolved over the years, we went as far back as 1066!

In the classroom, we have spent time talking about The Great North Road and The Retford Canal. After reading through information packs on both, we discussed how we think that both of these travel routes brought in money to the town in their hay day and therefore helped Retford to grow and develop. We had some great class discussions and produced posters displaying all our newfound knowledge on The Great North Road and Retford Canal.

In English, we have been writing some great pieces of descriptive writing about London using all our English tools. Our personification ability is shining through in our final drafts! We have been writing about buildings that stand proudly, cars that cough out their fuel and rev their engines aggressively!

25th September 2017

This week in English we have been writing our own versions of Pie Corbett’s amazing City Jungle poem. We have been creative with our writing and are thinking are coming up with some great ideas when it comes to using personification! 

In history we have been looking at Retford’s past and how it has changed over the years! We talked about what it would have been like to live in Retford then and how we would have enjoyed being a child in Retford’s past. We also learnt about how the Great North road and the canal had an impact on Retford over the years, making it the town it is today! We are excited to learn even more about Retford’s past when we visit the museum next week! 

Finally, we have been showing off our amazing dance skills in P.E as we are studying Bollywood dancing! Each dance team creatively adapted the moves they had been taught, resulting in some great dance routines!