20th November 2017

Another attendance award for Charles Darwin this week! Great work! Well done to our Superstars of the week, Billy and Lilly! You guys have worked really hard this week!

In maths this week we have been working on our multiplication and division skills. We have learnt all about the factors of a number and if you asked us what a prime number or composite number is, we would be confident in telling you exactly what it is! We have been using arrays to help us with our work as we are able to see the multiplication questions right in front of us! 

This week was anti-bullying week we spent time discussing ‘All Different All Equal’. We had great discussions about how no one should be discriminated for being different and that we should all embrace being who we are.
Dan made a lovely quote 

It doesn’t matter if we all look different on the outside, because on the inside we are all the same.
— Dan

To celebrate ‘All Different All Equal” we wore odd socks!


Finally, thank you for all your contributions towards Children in Need this Friday, the children looked great in their spotty outfits!!

6th November 2017

It has been a good first week back for Charles Darwin, receiving 11 handshakes and an attendance award! Well done to our superstars of the week: William, Amelia, Abigail and Dan! Keep up the great work!

In maths this week, we spent a lesson breaking the rules drawing on tables when practising our arithmetic skills! We this helped us to go back and check the method we were using to work out a series of questions was correct! Everyone had lots of fun!

In science, we have been learning all about light and shadows! We learnt the difference between light sources and objects that reflect light. We also investigated what happens to the size of a shadow the further away the light source is away from the object! We discovered that the further away the light source, the smaller the shadow becomes! 

23rd October 2017

The final week of term for Charles Darwin has been jam-packed! Firstly, we would like to thank all those that have supported us this week, whether it be at the harvest assembly, the gallery or both! It was great to see so many of you there and another thank you for all of your harvest donations! Between rehearsing for the harvest assembly and getting ready to show off our topic work at the gallery, we still managed to fit in lots of learning.

In maths, we spent some time applying our addition and subtraction skills we have been working on over the last two weeks in order to answer word problems! Everyone really enjoyed the challenge and some members of the class even took over the role of teacher at the front, explaining to everyone else how they solved the problem!

Gallery Preparation
On Wednesday, we took a visit to Mr B’s class to ensure we were prepared for the gallery the following day! Everyone took to their station and took turns in playing the adult, asking questions that we thought might pop up the next day! 

Thank you once again to all those that came to visit us at the gallery! Everyone was so excited to show off their work and discuss everything they have learnt over this past term whilst learning about Urban Pioneers!!

16th October 2017


This week has been a great one for Charles Darwin! Not only did we get over 98%, meaning we received an award, but we also received the most handshakes out of all the classes which means we were awarded class of the week!! We are feeling extremely happy and proud of ourselves!

We have worked really hard on our spelling this week, particularly on our ‘ough’ words! The effort that the whole class have put in both at home and during class was evident in our weekly spelling test scores, with almost everyone getting at least 10/13 and five pupils getting full marks!! Well done guys!

In English, we have continued with our wonderful Varjak writing, we are excited to turn these pieces are writing into books and share them with you at the gallery on the last day of term!

Finally, in P.E, we came to the end of our Bollywood topic, we have worked hard over the weeks learning different Bollywood movements, constructing and adapting them in our own way to create brilliant routines! Watch the results below!