9th July 2018

This week has consisted mostly of assessments and production rehearsals! We have been working hard on our singing and we hope to see many of you on the night!

On Thursday, we used three of our attendance vouchers to have a cinema afternoon! We had popcorn and lemonade whilst we sat back and watched The Invention of Hugo Cabret! Everyone was extremely excited about this after finishing the book last week!

2nd July 2018

In guided reading this week, we spent time looking at a poem called ‘Dog in the Playground’. It was a funny poem about a dog causing chaos in a  school running around. In order to develop our point, evidence, explain answers—we took on the role of lawyers to answer the question ‘was the dog to blame for the chaos caused’. Half the class defended the school saying he was, the other defended the dog  making the point that he wasn’t. We discussed how lawyers need evidence to back up their points just like we need evidence from the text in guided reading! Everyone did a fab job and worked really hard at making a strong case (PEE style answer).

This week we sadly came to the end of Hugo Cabret! Everyone has been hooked on this book and we were amazed by the revelations and twists and turns throughout! We spent week’s analysing the characters, making predictions and wondering what may happen in Hugo’s life next. At the end, Scarlett explained how she felt like he was her best friend and we all agreed as we have been on a journey with Hugo! The excitement of the class as we worked our way through this story has been fantastic to see!  Below are some examples of the work produced based around the book!


‘ I have been engrossed in this story because there have been so many surprises and every moment builds up more suspense!’


‘I think this book is amazing because it has a lot of action and you never get bored! The pictures are realistic and are a joy to look at!’



There have been some lovely pieces of art produced by the class!

Newspaper Reports

For the final piece of work on the book, we are writing newspaper reports on a class that has been hooked on the book!


25th June 2018

This week we finished our work on angles! We spent time finding the missing angles on a straight line as well as the missing angles in a full turn! Everyone worked really hard at this and understood the concept well!

We are now spending time looking at play scripts! For our cold write we turned a scene from ‘The Ghost of Thomas Kempe’ a book and film we have spent time looking at, into our own play script!

After spending the last two weeks working on our pace when running 1500m! We spent this week developing our javelin, shot put and long jump skills!

We looked at how a pencil lead can conduct electricity. We worked in groups to investigate how the lead conducts the most electricity depending on the position of the crocodile clips!