15th January 2018

Well done to this week’s superstars! Keep up the hard work!


In guided reading this week,  we have begun reading  new books in our groups and working through various tasks based around the book. There have been great discussions going on around the classroom, whether it be about the feelings of the main character or making predictions on what we think might happen next based on what we have already read.

In English, we finished out diary entries as climbers trekking up Mount McKinley, they are great pieces of writing that all the children should be proud of. 

We finished the week with lots of science, learning all about adaptation and why animals need to adapt in order to survive. We also discussed how those who do not adapt eventually become extinct and how this is called natural selections! We conducted an experiment to see which bird would survive on ‘chocolate button island’ based on how many chocolate buttons they can capture in their beak in one minute. We created a ducks beak out of lolly pop sticks, a pelicans out of plastic spoons and a humming birds out of tooth picks. We came to the conclusion that the pelican would be the survivor on chocolate button island as it moved the most chocolate buttons in the one minute as it could scoop them up in their larger beaks quickly and easily .

We also discussed why some animals have adapted in order to be able to camouflage into their surroundings. On a plain piece of paper we created a background that an animal would need to blend into. We did this using A tray, marble and paint!

Once we had created our background, we did the same to a piece of paper with a template of an animal on, we covered the template in the same way so that the animal would be camouflaged when put against the background! Many children commented that they could no longer see what animal their original template was, which they then realised they had created an animal that had adapted to camouflage into it’s environment and would be safe from predators! 

18th December 2017

This week has been an incredibly busy but incredibly fun week for Charles Darwin! It has been non stop with Christmas Enterprise, carol singing, not to mention the Maths and English we have managed to squeeze in between all the Christmas excitement!

In Maths we have continued with area and perimeter! We know now how to find the area of a compound shape and how to ensure we have drawn all the possible outcomes when asked to draw a rectangle with a certain area! 

In English we have been working hard on our diary writing skills. Linking to our topic of survival, we have been imagining we are a mountain climber who is on an expedition up Mount McKinley in Alaska, when we get ourselves into some life threatening bother! We are thinking lots about how we can get both detailed description and feelings into our writing! We have been working well as pairs to improve each others writing and discussing what English tools we can use in order to enhance it! 

Thank you everyone who came to support us during Christmas Enterprise this week! We have had lots of fun creating the ‘Santa Stop Here Signs’ so we were so happy that so many of them were sold! We sold a total of 41 signs which left us with a total profit of  £60 to spend in class! We have begun to put together ideas on what we can spend such as new books for the class and maybe even a dragon plant! Everyone is so happy that their hard work and time has paid off! 

Clumber Court Visit
Finally, we finished off our week with a visit to Clumber Court Nursing Home on Friday morning! The residents were very impressed with the children’s singing and it was great to see the children mingling and having a chat with them! They really did Carr Hill proud, making the residents week by introducing themselves, asking them about their lives and what they wanted for Christmas! It was a lovely morning and I was so proud at how amazing they were! 

9th December 2017

This week included our survival day! Everyone loved spending the day outside and getting involved in all the different activities the day had to offer! For the first half of the day all groups were set various team building activities, everyone showed off their great teamwork skills and I was impressed with the discussions that were going on in the different teams and the way all the children helped and supported each other to complete the tasks. The children also had a go out creating their own shelters out of tarpaulin, rods and tent pegs, the results were ace!

Later in the afternoon is when we began to build fires, they learnt how to light a flint in order to begin a fire and how to structure the wood in the shape of a tipi in order to keep the fire going! There were a couple of naturals amongst the group! Much to the children’s delight, they got to roast and eat marshmallows, as well as making their own bread swirls out of dough and cooking it! A great day was had by all learning about how they could survive in the great outdoors on their own!

Back in the classroom, we have been focusing on area and perimeter in Maths! The children have been working hard at calculating the perimeter of shapes with missing measurements! They now know how to calculate the missing measurement in order to calculate the correct perimeter of the shape!

In English the children have been working really hard on their writing which is clear to see in the work that is being produced, in the last weeks before Christmas we are learning all about Mount McKinley and imagining we are mountain climbers on a dangerous expedition in order to write an exciting diary entry!

27th November 2017

A great week for Charles Darwin as we won ‘Class of the Week’ for the second time this year! Great job guys, your lovely manners and willingness to help others are clearly noticed across the school! Well done to our superstars of the week, Phoebe and Hollie!

In maths this week, we have continued our hard work on multiplication and division. We have spent time multiplying and dividing numbers by 10,100 and 1000. We have done so using a place value chart to help us move our numbers into the correct PV column.


In English, we have spent time starting to empathise with some of the characters from our class-reading book ‘King of the Cloud Forrest’. We have spent time thinking and discussing how various situations in the story may have made the character feel and we have put together mind maps for the various characters using many adjectives to describe their personality.

In reading, we have spent time reading, discussing and visioning the poem ‘The listeners’ written by our poet of the moment Walter De La Mare. Everyone has really enjoyed discussing what they predict may happen in the next part of the poem or what the traveller means when he claims to have ‘kept his word’.

On Friday, we began to perform the poems in groups, creating freeze frames to show the poem as well as reciting it. Everyone was very keen and involved and this task and everyone received a Marvellous Me for their great teamwork!