23rd April 2018

This week in Captain Cook’s Class ……….

In maths we have been learning how to count in twos, fives and tens.
We have been grouping objects into two’s, fives and tens and practising counting in different steps. 

We noticed patterns on the 100 square.

In English  we have been learning a non-fiction text about the Retford Ridge-back Dragon.
We have been imporving our reading and comprehansion skills in Guided reading this week.
Here we are working with out partners to find the answers to questions about the text. 

We were trying to be detectives and had to underline the answers in the text. 

We had a fabulous day at Lincoln Castle on Thursday. Thank you to the helpers for coming with us.

Here we are taking part  in lots of fun activities at Lincoln Castle.

There is a write up about our trip on the school website. Take a look at what we got up to. 
We all behaved very well and enjoyed a very sunny, fun day out. 

Here we are planting out onions.

We are taking part in the school competition run by Carr Hill Gardening Club. Last year we had to grow potatoes, this year it is onions!
We are hoping that our home-made bird scarers will help to stop the birds eating our onions! Thanks to Ruben for coming up with the idea of needing a scarecrow!  Fingers crossed we might grow some great onions!

Mrs Hudson says …………………..