26th March 2018

This week in Captain Cook’s Class ……….

We have been working on our phonics this week and made a fantastic split digraph wheel. 
We need to work on reading and spelling words with split digraphs. 

Don’t forget our little rhyme to help us with our long vowel sounds!


Here we are making our split digraph wheels.

Make sure you use them at home!!

In English we have been using our boxing in sheet to help us describe our own imaginary dragon! 
We have worked very hard to improve our writing, practicing on whiteboards helps us because if we make a mistake we can correct it quickly. 
Here we are practising our dragon descriptions. 

In maths we have been working on tens and ones in two digit numbers to 50 and beyond! 
Here we are using whole part pictures to show how we can split a two digit number. 

Mrs Hudson says …………………..


Well done to the Garnet Team winning this week! 
Lasts weeks attendance was 98.3%