19th March 2018

This week in Captain Cook’s Class ……….

In maths this week we are learning about Place Value – numbers to 50/100, what order they are in, and practising counting forwards and backwards to 100.
We made our own number lines. We had to cut up a 100 square and put it back together in a long line, we had to look carefully at the numbers to make sure they were in the correct order! 
Here we are showing you our number lines. We really enjoyed this challenge! 

In English we have been trying to improve our writing. Thinking really hard about our handwriting and punctuation. We have used our boxing in work to help us write about a familiar dragon form ‘Tell  me a Dragon’ story. 
We then used our own dragon drawings and made another boxing up sheet that will help us describe our imaginary dragon! 

We came up with lots and lots of  great ideas together. They are on our washing line in the classroom to help us next week when we write our own descriptions of our dragon. 
We have worked hard on adding colour to our dragon drawings. We have used special watercolour pencils. 
Keep a look out for some of  them in our classroom next week! 

Mrs Hudson says …………………..


Well done to the Diamond Team winning this week! 
Lasts weeks attendance was 99.2%