29th January 2018

In English we have been working on understanding how bullet points help us to organise information in non-fiction writing.
We made a list of verbs we had found in a piece of non-fiction writing about penguins.


In Maths we have been using tens and ones to make larger numbers and trying to learn that each digit in a two digit number tells us how many tens and ones make the number.


We have tried hard to show that we really understand what a number means. 

In our topic work we are have been thinking this week about the different clothes we might need for a trip to the Polar Regions.
We had to sort the pictures of clothes. Some of us worted into Seasons, some sorted into types of clothes, and some sorted into girls and boys clothes.


Mrs Hudson says …………………..


Well done to the Garnet Team - They won our second week of house points. 
Lasts weeks attendance was 89.4%