22nd January 2018

In English we continue to work on our non-fiction writing. 
We have discussed the use of titles and practised our reading by matching sentences to titles. We also had to really concentrate on our handwriting and decide which sentences went with the different titles. 
We have also been learning about verbs. They are doing words. We shared the verbs that a penguin can do, such as jump, slide, swim, waddle and lots more!


In Maths we have been practising using a ten frame to draw, recgnise and compare amounts ot twenty.
Here we are practising using a ten frame. 

We have been comparing amounts, improving our counting and then working out how many more or less. 
Try these questions


Here is Lily, she has ordered the different amounts shown on these pictures.


Here is Ruben He counted really carefully and ordered his pictures really well from the samllest to greatest. 


We are enjoying extending our learning about The Polar Regions.
We have learnt about the different landscapes.
Which are iceburgs, and which are sea-ice? 

Next week we will be learning more about The Polar Regions animals. 
What do you know already?


Mrs Hudson says …………………..


Well done to the Diamond Team. 
They won our first week of house points. 

Lasts weeks attendance was 95.4%