18th September 2017

What a lovely start to the year in Captain Cook’s Class!

We have already been busy learning our new routines, such as practicing our handwriting and learning to spell our ‘Tricky Words’ first thing in a morning.

Here we are sharing our Holiday experiences. 

We talked about the different things we do on holiday from school and placed our favourite things closest to the heart. We call this activity The Heart of the Matter. 
You can do this activity with lots of things; favourite food, places, books etc. 
Try it! 

We are learning all about Instructions in English and have been following instructions to build sandcastles. 
Here we are having fun, giving instructions to our partners, and then listening to their instructions. We made some fantastic sandcastles.  

We learnt that we need to use bossy words when giving good instructions, such as get, tip, lift, fill and tap.
Can you see which order we did it in?


n Maths we have been learning to count forwards and backwards to 10 and 0. 
We have also been working on how to draw amounts on a ten frame.

We had an absolutely amazing day on Thursday when we took part in Camping Day! It was great fun learning how to make jam sandwiches, kites and play new beach games. 
We all had a lovely surprise when the Icecream Van turned up! 
The weather was well …… sunny and rainy! Just like a typical British Summer! 
At least it meant we got to see a rainbow! 
Here we are enjoying our Camping Day. 

We have 7  handshakes this week! 

Lasts weeks attendance was 98.9%