2nd July 2017

What a start to the week we had!
We had a visit from a Pirate. We dressed up as his crew and went on a journey to lots of different islands. 

We had great fun pretending to be pirates and trying to follow the map to find the treasure.
We learnt lots about Pirates and the different parts of a ship. 

This week we have worked hard on trying to learn our Pirate Kassim story. We try and learn our stories so we can use the words and phrases in our own stories. 

In Maths we have been helping some Pirates share their treasure. 
We have practised halving the amount by dividing different amounts in to two. We have also practised doubling the amount of treasure the pirates had, by multiplying by different amounts.

We practised our doubling by putting different amounts of treasure in our Magic Chest and multiplying the amount by two to find out how much would come out. 

Well done to this week’s Super Stars, Halle for working hard with her story telling, Ellie-Mae for always trying her best in all she does and Izzy for trying hard to improve her writing and concentration. 

We have 5 handshakes this week! 

Lasts weeks attendance was 97.3%