29th May 2017

We have now completed our Blooming Marvellous Booklets and are very pleased with them. 
We have all really enjoyed learning about plants and watching how they grow. We have particularly enjoyed observing how the cress grew differently in different conditions. 
We learnt that too much sunshine is not good for cress, and it can grow in the dark but the leaves will not go and lovely green, they will turn yellowy green.
We now know that the sunlight helps the leaves grow green.

We have been tree detectives with Mrs Shaw. 
We had to read the clues and try and match them to the correct branch and tree. 
We tried to learn the names of some common trees.

Here we are being tree detectives
We have completed our Sunflower Life Cycle Books. We are very pleased with them. 
Look out for our Blooming Marvellous Display in the corridor after the holidays.

Well done if you are trying to Blog using Kidblog.
Please keep encouraging your child to take part in this safe way to Blog and communicate with their peers. It is a great way for them to practise and improve their reading and writing. 
Well done to this week’s Super Stars, Ellie-Mae, Cherry and Jay for completing their star charts, and especially Lilly, for trying very hard to produce an excellent book about the Life Cycle of a Sunflower, which you can see on the school website.

We have 3 handshakes this week! 

Lasts week's attendance was 94.7%