27th March 2017

This week we have improved our writing about Keeping fit and Healthy. We needed to check we had spelt our tricky words correctly and our handwriting was neat with each letter formed correctly. 
We are working hard in the morning to learn our tricky words and write on the correct handwriting lines to make sure our tall letters are tall and our letters with tails hang below the lines.

In maths we have been learning how to share amounts and objects equally. We have used a range of equipment to help us. 

Here we are sharing objects equally. 

We have also been beginning to learn how to find a half and a quarter of different amounts. 
We use pictures to help us share equally. 

What a fantastic day out we had on Thursday!
We visited the English Institute of Sport Sheffield. We spent the day with coaches who helped us improve our basketball, athletics and football skills. We also had a tour around the facilities and were amazed by the fantastic, inspirational equipment and sportsmen and women. Some of whom let us take pictures of them!
Here are some pictures from the day. There are lots more to see on our school website. 

Well done to this week’s Super Stars William, Chloe, Hope and Kacey for trying exceptionally hard to join in all the activities on our trip and improving their fitness and sporting techniques.

We have 3 handshakes this week! 

Lasts weeks attendance was 96.2%