6th February 2017

What an exciting week!
This week we had a visit from our local Fire Fighters. They came in their Fire Engine. 
We learned a lot about Fire Safety and what to do in an emergency. We also learned about the different equipment on the Fire Engine. We got to go inside the Fire Engine too!
The Fire Fighters talked to us about The Great Fire of London and how things have changed so much since 1666. 
They were very impressed with our knowledge about The Great Fire of London. 
Here we are enjoying the visit from Retford Fire Fighters. 

In English we have been making a new story map. By chaning parts of a story we know, like Beegu, we can make up our own story. We ah e had some lovely ideas about who Beegu might meet and make friends with. We have added some ‘wow’ words and some story language such as: once more….. but …… after that. 
Next week we will be using our story maps to help us write our own stories. 
In Art we have Made a collage of The Great Fire of London. We used tissue paper to make the effect of the flames, and black paper to make the houses. 
Here we are working on our Fire of London Collages. 

Keep practising your handwriting at home. It is really important you are forming your letters correctly this year, so you will be ready to learn how to join up your letters next year. 

In Maths we have been learning how to subtract ones from 2 digit numbers. 
A two digit number is a number written with two numbers: 10, 23, 44, etc. 
We are learning what each digit is worth.  The first digit in a two digit number is the tens digit, the second digit is the ones digit. 

We continue to work on whole part pictures to help us make 2 groups. We have been using a whole part pictures to make tens and ones.

Here we are practising our subtracting using ten grids and whole part pictures.

Well done to this week’s Super Stars Lilly for completing her Star Chart and Arianna, Bobby, Zach, William, Chloe and Paulina for working so hard to learn how to spell the days of the week correctly. 

We have 3 handshake this week and attendance was 93.5%!