13th February 2017

This week we have worked very hard to make our Pudding Lane Houses.
First we had to paint our boxes white. Then we had to cut and stick the paper to make it look like wooden beams on the outside of the houses.  After that we had to make our own windows and door. We had to really concentrate on this as it was difficult to draw round the squares and oblongs and then make a hatching effect like leaded windows. Some of us had never done this before!  Finally we had to measure our roof and stick a thatched patterned piece of paper on top of our box. We are very pleased with our model houses. We think they look fantastic! 
Keep a look out in our corridor for them on display!
Here we are making our Pudding Lane Houses. 

In English we have been using our new story maps to help us practise telling our stories. We have then used them to write our stories. We looked at our targets and tried really hard to improve our work compared to our last story. 

Here we are using our Beegu story maps to practise telling our stories. 

We worked hard to write sentences that made sense. Some of us even used exclamation and question marks!

We wrote to the Firemen to say thank you for visiting us. Mrs Hudson will deliver the letters in the holidays. 

Over the holidays we need to keep practising our writing and remembering where to start each letter.

In Maths we have been learning how to subtract from tens.  
We are trying to use our number bond knowledge to help us work these subtractions out more quickly. 

Well done to this week’s Super Stars Ellie-Mae and Alfie T for completing their Star Charts and Jessica, Anabelle, Ellie-Mae, Cameron and Serok for working so hard to learn how to spell the days of the week correctly. 

We have 8 handshake this week! 

Lasts weeks attendance was 95.5%