3rd December 2017

In Maths we continue to work on shapes. This week we have been printing with 3-D shapes to find out what shape their faces are and how many there are. We have also been drawing shape pictures and making repeating patterns with 2-D shapes. 

Here we are enjoying exploring 2-D and 3-D  shapes and their properties. 

In English we have been looking at our Hurry Santa Story Maps. We need to learn to look at the pictures and write a sentence or more about it. If we follow our story map carefully the story will make sense because the evetns will be in the right order.
Here are some of our story maps.

We will be using our story maps to write the story next week. but first we need more poractise at using it correctly. 

Here we are practising using our story maps. 

We are now really  busy rehearsing for our Christmas Show. 
Not long now! 

Mrs Hudson says …………………..


Lasts weeks attendance was  

Congratulations to Farrar  for earning  herself  a Super Star certificate in Assembly for completing her star chart. 
Our Explorer of the Week is Harry for doing well in his spelling quiz this week. 

Last week’s attendance was 89.5%