6th November 2017

We would like to welcome a new boy in to our class. His name is Max Wood, and I am so proud of the way he has settled in this week.
Here he is showing me how fantastic he is at making addition facts. 
Well done Max. 


We continue to work on addition facts and have been focussing on fact families this week. 
Fact families are when the same 3 digits are used to make 4 different additions. 

We used our whole part pictures to help us.


We can now use these numbers to make a fact family for ten.


We have been using our senses this week to explore things related to Bonfire Night. 
Here we are exploring the different things, and using our senses.

We had to write adjectives to describe what we could see, smell, feel, taste and hear.
We really enjoyed tasting the Bonfire toffee and listening to the loud bangs as we jumped all over the giant bubble wrap! It sounded just like a firework! 

We have used these adjectives to try to write sentences about Bonfire Night.


Next week we will be writing a poem called Bonfire Senses.


Congratulations to Gaia, Leah, James and Brooklyn for completing their Star Chart and earning themselves a Super Star certificate in Assembly. 
Our Explorer of the Week is James, as he has worked very hard in Maths and is showing a good understanding of number facts and how they relate to each other. 

Last week’s attendance was 97.6%