27th November 2017

This week in Captain Cook’s Class ……….

In Maths we have been learing about 3-D shapes.

We have matched them to their names and explored their properties.

I wonder if you can match the shapes to their names?                                   

In English we have been using our thinking skills when exploring Santa’s feelings in the book Hurry Santa.

We tool part in a Diamond 4 activity. We ahd 4 adjectives that described the way Santa was feeling. We had a picture from the story, and had to talk to our partners and decide where we would place each word. The most important one had to go at the top of the diamond, the least relevant at the bottom. 

we did lots of talking and shared our ideas with our opposite partners.  

We have been working on our sentence writing in phonics and trying hard to look for digraphs and trigraphs and quadgraphs  in words. We are trying to remember to segment more carefully and really listen to each sound in the words we are trying to spell. We have been using an activity called Sentence Substitution where we have to read the sentence and change it by swapping words! It was good fun!

We are busy rehearsing for our Christmas Show. We hope you have got your tickets? It’s going to be great! 

Mrs Hudson says …………………..

Keep practising your phonics at home children!

Remember to go on Purple Mash! There are lots of activities to help you improve your reading, writing and maths and a lot more!

Congratulations to Oliver for earning himself a Super Star certificate in Assembly for working so hard on his reading.

Our Explorer of the Week is Jasmine as she has worked very hard to improve her phonics knowledge.

Last week’s attendance was 99.2%