20th November 2017

This week in Captain Cook’s Class ……….

This week is Anti Bullying Week.
We have taken part in assemblies about this issue this week and have spent time discussing in class how important it is to tell people how you are feeling. 
We have watched some films and clips about bullying and realised it can happent to anyone. We talked about the need to be kind and repectful towards other people. 
We reminded ourselves that at Carr hill we value repect not only each other but ourselves and our environment.
This is on our wall in the classroom to remind us. 


Here we are all dressed up for Children in Need Day


On Friday we got to collect money, eat a Pudsey biscuit and buy some great Children in Need products. 
We talked about how children in the world are not as fortunate as some of us, and how important it is to try and help people when we can. 

This week we have been learning about seasons. We had to look at some pictures and talk to our partners about what we could see. Some of us noticed that they were pictures relating to each season. We then completed a Heart of the Matter activity, where we discuss what pictures matter most to us and give the reason why. We then place these pictures closest to the heart on the sheet, and others further away. 
We had to name the seasons, then sort the pictures into Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. It was quite tricky to remember all four names for the seasons. 
Here we are talking about the pictures and completing our Heart of the Matter work. 

We also learnt about using directional vocabulary when looking at maps. We used the Beebot to help us.
Here we are using the Beebot and directing it top the different continents of the world. 

In English we have begun to read Hurry Santa. 
These are some of the tasks we completed.


Then …….


So ……….


We had some great discussions about the different characters.
Mrs Hudson managed to get rid of the magic dust just in time and rescue all the characters.

Next week we are going to learn about adjectives and begin to describe Santa. 

In maths we have been learning how to subtract using a number line. 


Can you see which way we have to go when we subtract on a number line?

Mrs Hudson says …………………..


Keep practising our number bonds to ten song!

It goes like this
5 and 5 add up to 10.
6 and 4 make it again.
7 and 3 will also do.
Look, look, look for 8 and 2.
9 and 1 and 0 and 10,
Complete the ways of making 10! 

Can you tell your parents how to spell because? 

Congratulations to Brooklyn , H arry and Charlie for earning themselves a Super Star certificate in Assembly. 
Our Explorer of the Week is Laila as she has worked very hard to improve her sentence writing

Last week’s attendance was 95.3%