16th October 2017

We have been learning what a poem is and have been reading some poems based on our Topic at the moment of Holidays and the Seaside. 

We have been trying to learn a poem off by heart! The poem we have chosen to learn id called Rain Coming. 


Here we are practising saying Rain Coming. 

We decided that actions really help when you are trying to learn something! 

Can you learn a poem at home? 

We have also been trying to learn the poem; 30 Days has September.


We used a Question Quadrant to help us really understand what the poem is about. 
Can you learn this poem? 

In Maths we have been looking at number lines and how we can use them to help us learn more about numbers and comparing them. We made our own number lines to ten and twenty. We then used our number lines to answer some questions, such as; circle the number that is one less than 8.

Perhaps you could make your own number line to twenty at home. 
We have been working hard on our understanding of stories in Guided Reading. We have been listening to stories and then answering comprehension questions. We looked at some pictures that were telling a simple story, and had to decide which of three pictures would fit next  so that the story would make sense. We answered questions such as; who is the main character, the cat or the mouse?  Is there a goodie and a baddie? We talked to our partners about what we thought. We had different reasons for our answers. 

In topic this week we have had a visit from Alesha’s Grandma. She showed us some old photographs, and we asked her the questions we had written to help us learn more about Holidays in the past. 
We have learnt that in the past people used to just paddle in the sea and not swim in it.

We have 9 handshakes this week! 
This weeks Superstars are Brooklyn, Emmi-Leigh and James for completing their star charts, also Emmi-Leigh again for excellent reading progress and Kai for impressing me with his number knowledge this week.

Well done Kai for being Explorer of the Week!  You have worked hard this week to be a helpful member of the class and lsiten to how to imporve your writing and number work.

Lasts weeks attendance was 95.1%