30th January 2017

This week for our topic of  The Great Fire of London, we have discussed what Samuel Pepys buried and decided what we would bury if we were him. We thought of the special things we have in our homes, such as our favourite toys and books. 
We also learnt about odd and even numbers when we made a street with houses that were built close together like they were in 1666.

In English we have been working on learning the story of Beegu. We have used story telling words and used our photographs of us doing story telling actions to help us.
We have been working very hard on our spellings, working on days of the week.
Most of us can nearly spell them all! 
We need to keep practising so we don’t forget!
We continue to use our line guide books to write in and this week we have worked together to write a Diary entry like Samuel Pepys. We had to think what would we see, smell and hear if we woke up on Sunday 2nd September 1666.
We have started to practise writing sentences about the Beegu story. 
We have discussed what a sentence needs and have talked about our new writing targets.

We are working hard to remember to use our Beegu Word Mats, our Tricky Towers and phoneme mats to help us with our spellings. 

Please keep practising your handwriting. 
In Maths we have been learning our number pairs: different  ways that 2 numbers that add together to make the same total. 
We continue to work on Whole part pictures to help us make 2 groups. We are practising this for our Homework this week too. Please practise lots! 
Here we are practising using Whole and part pictures.

Well done to this week’s Super Stars : Evie for completing her Star Chart and Kenzie for working so hard to improve his handwriting. 

We have 10 handshakes this week! 

Lasts weeks attendance was 95.9%