16th January 2017

This week we have been starting our new topic of The Great Fire of London.
We are all very excited about it and want to learn lots of facts. In fact lots of us already have!
Ask us some questions about it.

What year did The Fire of London happen?

Where did the fire start?

Who wrote a Diary about the fire?


In Maths we have been finding different ways to help us work out additions.We need to learn our number pairs to ten, and have been practising this by learning how to make ten when adding two numbers.We used ten grids to show this.

First we draw the correct amounts in each ten grid, 8 in one and 6 in the other. We then move some over from the 6  to make ten in the first grid, then count on from ten; 8+6, so Cameron moved 2 over because 8+2 =10.
He then counted on from 10…. 11,12,13,14.
Can you work out what he did with the bottom addition after this picture was taken to get his answer?
6+ ? = 10

How many spots did he move over to make ten?

We need lots of practise at drawing and counting spots on to ten grids, they really help us understand number.

We have had fun completing our work on How to catch an Elf.
Here we are making Elfie Selfies! 

This week’s Super Stars are Halle, Kenzie, and  Zach for completing their star charts. Also a Super star this week is Hope for working really hard on her instruction writing, trying harder to work more independently. Well done. 

We have 10 handshakes this week! 

Lasts weeks attendance was 98.6%

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