26th September 2016

We have had another busy week.

We have been trying hard to learn the story: The Enormous Crocodile. We have been introducing some actions to our retelling to help us remember the different events and which order they happen in.

We have all had our picture taken making different story telling actions such as: Once upon a time…. Next…… Suddenly ….

He is cross.He is angry.

We are enjoying finding our picture and using them in our story telling.

We have been thinking about the different characters and how they might be feeling during the story. 

We worked on writing sentences to describe a character of our choice. 

We are working hard to remember what a sentence needs. 
Can you remember? 

Don’t forget we are working hard to learn some new poems.    

In Maths we have been working on more and less and the same and making comparisons with different amounts.

We have started learning how to spell number names to ten.
Keep practising your number name spellings. 

We are getting much better at logging on in I.C.T lessons.
We use this to help us.

This week’s Super Stars are Cherry for trying hard to remember finger spaces, and William for being more confident with his answers in class.

Handshakes: 4

Lasts weeks attendance was 97.6%