5th December 2016

In Maths this week we have been learning to count on from 10, recognising larger numbers and comparing them to each other using vocabulary like; more than, less than and equal to.
Can you count on from the ten grid?

How many flowers altogether?
Can you fill in the missing words in this sentence?      More  or less ?
There are   ___________________    pink flowers than yellow flowers.

Keep practising counting on from ten. Remember it is a much more efficient way than counting the ten in the grid.
Remember to think about what you already know before you are asked how many.

We continue to practise writing all our letters correctly, starting in the correct places.
Do you know which letter families each letter belongs to?

Keep practising your writing at home. 

In English we have been learning about instructions, and their features: title, headings, bullet points and bossy words.

How to Trap a Crocodile

What you need:
a spade
a brown sheet
 some leaves and sticks
a large lump of tasty meat.

What you do:
First, dig a deep pit.
Next cover the pit with a brown sheet.
After that, scatter on the leaves and sticks, so that the pit is covered.
Now place the large lump of meat on top.
Finally tiptoe behind a tree and wait.
In the end, the crocodile will eat the meat and will fall into the pit.

We have read and ordered these instructions on How to catch a crocodile. We thought it would have been useful for the Enormous Crocodile that we studied last term. Never mind, I wonder if there is anything else we could catch at the moment? 
We will be writing our own instructions next week, and will be trying hard to meet our new writing targets.

This week we have found out we have a naughty elf in school. He seems to be getting up to mischief, so we are talking about what we are going to do about him.
Do you have any ideas? 
 We have been working on Mrs Alford’s Christmas Crafty Challenge this week.  Finding and choosing the sweets we want to put in our ‘Christmas Sweetie Cups’.  We have also discussed what type of cup we will be designing; a Snowman, a Father Christmas or an elf.

In ICT we have drawn our design using the 2Publish program. 
Next week we will be very busy in our ‘sweet factory’ making up our bags of sweets in our different themed cups. 
Don’t forget to come and buy lots of our products at the Christmas Fair next week! 
We want to make lots of profit to spend on our class. 

This week’s Super Star is Filip, he worked very hard in his Maths Quiz, well done!  

We have 7 handshakes this week! 
One more than last week! Let’s keep earning more!
Lasts weeks attendance was 93.5%