12th December 2016

This week we have been comparing different amounts and stating which is more than/less than or equal to. 

We have been using ten grids to help us make quick comparisons. We are trying hard to remember to count on from ten so we can work out our answers more effectively.  
We continue to practise and learn our number name spellings to twenty and are getting much better at reading and writing them. We must keep practising these spellings until we know them all really well.
We also need to learn to spell the days of the week. Can you spell any yet? Keep practising at home.

Remember to Look, write, cover and check! 
There are other ways to help you practise spellings. Here are a few.

In English we have learnt how to write a list with bullet points. We have found out that our Naughty Elf has been up to all sorts of mischief! 
So we have decided we need to try and catch him. We all thought of our own way to catch him, and made a bullet point list of things we would need. 
We all shared our great ideas on how to trap the Elf. We had lots of exciting things to talk about. 

Next week we are going to write the instructions on how to make our traps. We have learnt we need to use bossy words and number our instructions so they can be followed easily. 

We have been working on Mrs Alford’s Christmas Crafty Challenge this week.  
We have made our Christmas Sweetie Cups. We think they’re great!
Here are some pictures of us making our products to sell at the Crafty Christmas Fair. 

We also spent some time this week making colourful presents for our Christmas Hall display.
Here we are concentrating really hard on our colouring.

This week’s Super Stars are Alfie T, Alfie F for working hard this week and Ellie-Mae and Jayden S for completing their star charts.

We have 8 handshakes this week and last weeks attendance was 90%