7th November 2016

What a busy, fun week we have had!
On Monday we celebrated Halloween by exploring our huge pumpkin that was given to school by a very kind farmer. 
The children enjoyed using their senses whilst helping to get all the seeds and pulp out of the pumpkin.
Some children enjoyed this more than others! 

We have been learning about Guy Fawkes this week and have made some excellent Bonfire pictures.
We used leaves to print with and made some effective flame patterns. We used two of the three primary colours: red and yellow, and made different shades of orange, red and yellow. We used white paint to lighted all the colours too. 
After our paintings were dry we used sticks to make the bonfire picture complete.
We tried very hard to arrange them carefully just like they would be in a real bonfire.

In English this week we The Enormous Crocodile story map so we can make a new story of our own.
We have chosen some great new characters and settings for the stories, and have had a practise at writing our first sentence, trying hard to remember what makes a good sentence.
Kenzie tried very hard to write his sentence. He is using his handwriting mat to help him write his letters correctly. 

Hope did very well too. She is working on using her Tricky Tower to help her remember how to spell was.
Next week we will begin writing our stories, remember to keep practising at home: Think it. Say it. Write it.

In Maths we have been recapping on subtracting by crossing out. Most of us can work out a simple take away by drawing pictures and crossing out what needs to be subtracted and then counting how many are left to get the correct answer. 
We also began to learn how to use number bonds to help us subtract. We used the number bond picture to help us. 

The missing number is 3.  5-2=3   and   5-3=2
We draw pictures in each circle to represent the number if we need to, this helps us to see the value of the numbers more easily. 
We have also begun to learn how to subtract using number lines. We do this by counting backwards on the number line. 

Please continue to practise simple subtractions at home. You can practise using any of these methods.
Which one do you find works the best for you?

This week we each class were asked to vote for a School Council Representative. 
We were allowed to vote for two!
Mrs Hudson explained what the job was and then asked us who was interested in being a School Council Representative.  She wrote a list of these children on the flipchart, and their initials. 

We had to write on a secret piece of paper the initials of who we felt would make a good candidate and post it into our Ballot Box. 
Mrs Hudson then counted the votes. The two children voted for by the class were Zach and Anabelle. Well done to both of them.
They went to their first meeting on Friday and will feedback to the class next week. 

This week’s Super Stars are Zach for trying hard in Maths when learning how to subtract using a number line and Cherry for working hard with her independent writing.
Lasts weeks attendance was 95.6%