28th November 2016

In Maths this week we have been practising adding and taking away.
We are trying very hard to use pictures to help us work out our calculations like the ones below. 

Sometimes there is a part missing and we have to try and work out the missing number.  Can you make some number bond pictures of your own? Keep practising your adding and subtracting.

This week we did some quizzing in maths and found out that not many children understood the word ‘each’. 
For example;  Put 2 flowers in each of the pots.

How many flowers in each pot?
How many flowers altogether? 
Please keep practising maths activities like this at home, perhaps when you are helping in the kitchen or collecting things when you go for a walk? 
Have you learnt your left and right yet?

Using our targets in English we tried hard to improve our writing.
We are trying to write all our letters correctly, starting in the correct places.
Do you know which letter families each letter belongs to.

Keep practising your writing at home. 

We have been practising our dancing this week in preparation for our Christmas Show.
We have 2 different dances to do in the show, and we are working very hard to learn them.
We have been learning the songs for the performance too. We will continue to spend some time each week preparing for the show, it’s looking great so far!
Ask your child to tell you about the character they are playing. Can they remember their dance?

This week’s Superstars are Ellie-Mae really impressing me with her time telling! Alfie Tomlinson has worked very hard this week especially to improve his handwriting and spelling of number words.  

We have 6 handshakes this week! 
Better than last week! Well done children!

Lasts weeks attendance was 96.9%