21st November 2016

In Maths this week we have been learning about left and right, and using these words when we are describing what positions things are in. 

Do you know your left from your right?

In English this week we have been watching a short film called For the Birds. It is a film that shows bullying behaviour.  This week is Anti-bullying week, and we have talked a lot about what bullying looks like. 

We have written a poem about how to be a good friend, and what behaviour is good.
Mrs Hudson found some writing that she wasn’t sure who had written it or what it was. We read it and worked out it must be some instructions on how to be a bully!

We decided we needed to write our own instructions to show whoever wrote this how to be a good friend instead of a bully!

We have visited Billy Branston’s Potato Bus this week. It was brilliant! We learnt lots about where potatoes come from and how they get to our plates!
Here are some pictures of us on the Potato Bus.

We have decided to make Christmas Sweetie Cups to sell for our Mrs Alford’s Christmas Crafty Challenge.
We had a visit form Mrs Jones who runs a sweet factory. She talked to us about what happens in a sweet factory. 
We learnt how sweets were made, what the factory workers had to wear and even got to weigh and make our own special bag of Jelly Beans!
We also tasted the Jelly Beans and recorded what they tasted like and which one was our favourite.
Here are some pictures of our ‘Sweet Factory’ lessons. 

On Friday it was Children in Need Day.
We all brought a pound in to donate to the great cause. We got a yummy biscuit too!
Here are all are dressed in spotty clothes and non-uniform clothes!

This week’s Superstars are Cherry for completing her star chart, Serok for working hard to improve his handwriting and Anabelle for trying harder to listen more carefully and making some excellent predictions when sharing stories. 

We have no handshakes this week! we are really disappointed. 

Lasts weeks attendance was 91.4%