17th October 2016

We have now changed our Enormous Crocodile Story Map. 
We have got rid of The Enormous Crocodile character and replaced him with a new jungle character. We chose our new character after we had found out what animals live in the jungle and where in the jungle they live.
We used post-it notes to stick over the part of the story that we wanted to change. This helped us to write some sentences about our new story. 

In Year One we need to learn how to write sentences that include capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.
We are working hard to try and remember all these things. 
To help us remember what to write we looked very closely at our story map and thought of a sentence for each picture. 

We learn to 

You can do this at home too! 

We continue to work on our Maths Targets this week, counting in tens and fives. 
Keep practising at home. 
Remember to try out the different homework tasks!
We have really enjoyed looking more closely at the different animals that live in a jungle. We found out where in the jungle they live. We cut out pictures of animals and stuck them in the correct part of the jungle: a swamp, the ground, and in the trees.

We had a great time at the Elizabethan Academy on Tuesday morning. 
We took part in lots of different multi-skills activities set up and delivered by the students at the Academy. 
Here are some pictures of our morning of sport!

This week’s Super Stars are Summer and Kenzie for trying hard in Maths to do more careful counting and counting in different steps.

Handshakes: 13 we were very pleased with this score! Unfortunately we did not win. Maybe next week!

Lasts weeks attendance was 94.1%