22nd May 2017

We continue to enjoy our Blooming Marvellous topic. 

We have been watching our cress seeds growing in different conditions, and have noticed that the shoots in the dark are yellow instead of green, so we are predicting that the sunlight makes the leaves and shoots green. 

Look at our Sunflowers now!  We are going to put a stick in our pots to help keep our plant standing up.

Here we are reading and looking at non-fiction books about plants
and flowers. 

We are looking for meanings of word and found them in the books. We also learnt that the Glossary at the back of a non-fiction book will tell you the definitions of important words from the book.

We had a fantastic time making our Super Hero masks for Super Hero Dinner on Thursday. 

In maths we have been learning how to make arrays of objects and pictures, to help us with our Multiplication understanding. 

Here we are making arrays.

We are all working hard to Blog on Kidblog in class on a Friday with Mrs Shaw. Please keep encouraging your child to take part in this safe way to Blog and communicate with their peers. 
 Well done to this week’s Super Stars, Halle for completing her star chart, Arianna for working very hard with her writing with Mrs Lockwood and in class, and for Bobby for enthusiastic maths work. 

We have 13 handshakes this week! 

Lasts weeks attendance was 96.2%

15th May 2017

We are keeping a close eye on our sunflowers and are amazed at how quickly they are growing. We are filling in our Topic booklet to show the changes that are taking place. 


In English we have been writing our Flower Poems. We have all written three lines about a flower, using some excellent describing words: adjectives. 
Look out for our Flower Poetry in the classroom - coming very soon! 

In maths we have been learning about the relationship between adding and subtracting. 
We have used whole part pictures again to help us with this.

Well done to this week’s Super Stars are Jay for making an excellent Cress Diary at home and Evie for completing her star chart. 

We have 2 handshakes this week! 

Lasts weeks attendance was 88.9%

8th May 2017

This week we have been watching our sunflowers and have noticed how they have started to grow. We have watered them and are hoping they will continue to grow well.

We have also watered our potatoes in the playground. We are hoping we will win the competition, but Mr Grayson’s class potatoes are growing the most at the moment!

In maths we have continued to practise ordering 2-digit numbers and work out missing numbers on a hundred square.

In English we have been learning about adjectives and using them to describe the flowers and plants in our classroom and on pictures.
We had a practise at writing descriptive sentences on a whiteboard.

Well done to this week’s Super Stars are Kenzie for completing his star chart and Summer for working hard all week. 

We have 7 handshakes this week! 

Last week's attendance was 97.6%

1st May 2017

This week we have been learning about plants and flowers as part of our new topic: “Blooming Marvellous”.  We have been finding out about the different parts of a plant and have labelled our own drawings of a flower. We have learnt about what the different parts are for too!