19th June 2017

We have been very busy this week. We have worked very hard to improve our phonics knowledge and will continue to work hard on this area of learning to help us read and spell. 

We have helped Percy Pirate this week. He wanted to know about maps, and how they were made.
We learnt about plan views. We talked about a spy bird flying in the sky and what it would see from above. 

In English we are now trying to learn our story: Kassim and the Greedy Pirate Treasure. We have made some little pirate ships: The Dirty Dog. We have also made some stick Pirate characters to help us retell the story. 

We will be making some story maps next week to help us learn the story even better, so we can write the story again with more detail and better story words and phrases. 


Here we are tending to our potatoes again!

We have spotted that some plants, including ours have now got buds and flowers on them. 

Well done to this week’s Super Stars, Cameron, for completing his star chart and working extremely hard on his maths and particularly his number bonds, also to Bobby who always tries his best and is now working hard to remember to include question marks and exclamation marks in his stories. 
We have 5 handshakes this week! 

12th June 2017

This week we have introduced our new topic.     Pirates!

Percy Pirate has a problem. He is stranded on an island, he doesn’t know where. He wants to know what a Pirate is as he can’t remember.
We are going to try and help him.
So far we have found out what a Pirate is and what they need to be a good Pirate.

In English we have been reading and discussing a story called Kassim and the Greedy Pirate Treasure.
We are writing the story in our own words and then we will be working on how we can make our retelling even better. We will be working on our targets.

We have been practising reading real and nonsense words, and then putting them in sentences.

Sorting words.

We are still trying to take care of our potatoes that are growing in the playground. Mrs Shaw helped us put some more soil on top and watered them again. 
Let’s hope they grow even more and win the competition!

Here we are tending to our potatoes.

Well done to this week’s Super Stars, Ellie-Mae for always producing careful work, Paulina for her fantastic handwriting and Filip for his improved handwritring and Hope for completing her star chart.
We have 1 handshakes this week!

Lasts weeks attendance was 93.2%

29th May 2017

We have now completed our Blooming Marvellous Booklets and are very pleased with them. 
We have all really enjoyed learning about plants and watching how they grow. We have particularly enjoyed observing how the cress grew differently in different conditions. 
We learnt that too much sunshine is not good for cress, and it can grow in the dark but the leaves will not go and lovely green, they will turn yellowy green.
We now know that the sunlight helps the leaves grow green.

We have been tree detectives with Mrs Shaw. 
We had to read the clues and try and match them to the correct branch and tree. 
We tried to learn the names of some common trees.

Here we are being tree detectives
We have completed our Sunflower Life Cycle Books. We are very pleased with them. 
Look out for our Blooming Marvellous Display in the corridor after the holidays.

Well done if you are trying to Blog using Kidblog.
Please keep encouraging your child to take part in this safe way to Blog and communicate with their peers. It is a great way for them to practise and improve their reading and writing. 
Well done to this week’s Super Stars, Ellie-Mae, Cherry and Jay for completing their star charts, and especially Lilly, for trying very hard to produce an excellent book about the Life Cycle of a Sunflower, which you can see on the school website.

We have 3 handshakes this week! 

Lasts week's attendance was 94.7%

22nd May 2017

We continue to enjoy our Blooming Marvellous topic. 

We have been watching our cress seeds growing in different conditions, and have noticed that the shoots in the dark are yellow instead of green, so we are predicting that the sunlight makes the leaves and shoots green. 

Look at our Sunflowers now!  We are going to put a stick in our pots to help keep our plant standing up.

Here we are reading and looking at non-fiction books about plants
and flowers. 

We are looking for meanings of word and found them in the books. We also learnt that the Glossary at the back of a non-fiction book will tell you the definitions of important words from the book.

We had a fantastic time making our Super Hero masks for Super Hero Dinner on Thursday. 

In maths we have been learning how to make arrays of objects and pictures, to help us with our Multiplication understanding. 

Here we are making arrays.

We are all working hard to Blog on Kidblog in class on a Friday with Mrs Shaw. Please keep encouraging your child to take part in this safe way to Blog and communicate with their peers. 
 Well done to this week’s Super Stars, Halle for completing her star chart, Arianna for working very hard with her writing with Mrs Lockwood and in class, and for Bobby for enthusiastic maths work. 

We have 13 handshakes this week! 

Lasts weeks attendance was 96.2%