12th March 2018


In English we continue to look closely at this wonderful book!

This week we have been taking part in some active learning. We looked at some different dragon descriptions from the text and reduced them to our four favourites. With our partners we then sequenced the descriptions and practised reading them out loud.

Here we are working actively with our partners.

This week we have been learning parts of the story. We made some puppets to help us.

Here we are making our dragon puppets

Following our drawing practise last week, we have been developing our art skills again. We have imagined of our own dragon and drawn a picture of it. We are going to use this drawing to help us write a great new dragon description next week!

Here we are doing Dragon Art.

 On Wednesday we were lucky enough to be invited to Captsin Jacks in memory of Seth Bartle. We all had such a lovely time!

Here we are having a great time at Captain Jacks

Mrs Hudson says …………………..


5th March 2018

This week in Captain Cook’s Class ……….

In English we have been introduced to a lovely new book to inspire us to produce some great writing about dragons.


We have shared the book and loved the new vocabulary we have found inside.


We started our work by looking at the front cover and predicting what the book might be about.


We have added the new vocabulary to our poster in the classroom.


Here we are talking to our partners about what adjectives we would use to describe the different dragons. We decided which one was our favourite.

Here we are practicing our drawing skills. We looked really closely at the different ways to draw dragon part, patterns and features. We drew features such as claws and patterns such as scales. 

We are hoping to continue to improve our dragon drawing skills and produce some fantastic pictures of our own imaginary dragon next week! 

Our new topic is Captivating Castles.
We are looking forward to learning all about castles. 


Keep working hard on Purple Mash! I have put some more To Do’s on. 


Mercedes really enjoyed working on making a fantastic repeated pattern using pegs on a board.


Her hard work inspired others too!

Her hard work inspired others too!

Mrs Hudson says ………………….


Well done to the Garnet Team in our class! Winning this week! 

29th January 2018

In English we have been working on understanding how bullet points help us to organise information in non-fiction writing.
We made a list of verbs we had found in a piece of non-fiction writing about penguins.


In Maths we have been using tens and ones to make larger numbers and trying to learn that each digit in a two digit number tells us how many tens and ones make the number.


We have tried hard to show that we really understand what a number means. 

In our topic work we are have been thinking this week about the different clothes we might need for a trip to the Polar Regions.
We had to sort the pictures of clothes. Some of us worted into Seasons, some sorted into types of clothes, and some sorted into girls and boys clothes.


Mrs Hudson says …………………..


Well done to the Garnet Team - They won our second week of house points. 
Lasts weeks attendance was 89.4%

22nd January 2018

In English we continue to work on our non-fiction writing. 
We have discussed the use of titles and practised our reading by matching sentences to titles. We also had to really concentrate on our handwriting and decide which sentences went with the different titles. 
We have also been learning about verbs. They are doing words. We shared the verbs that a penguin can do, such as jump, slide, swim, waddle and lots more!


In Maths we have been practising using a ten frame to draw, recgnise and compare amounts ot twenty.
Here we are practising using a ten frame. 

We have been comparing amounts, improving our counting and then working out how many more or less. 
Try these questions


Here is Lily, she has ordered the different amounts shown on these pictures.


Here is Ruben He counted really carefully and ordered his pictures really well from the samllest to greatest. 


We are enjoying extending our learning about The Polar Regions.
We have learnt about the different landscapes.
Which are iceburgs, and which are sea-ice? 

Next week we will be learning more about The Polar Regions animals. 
What do you know already?


Mrs Hudson says …………………..


Well done to the Diamond Team. 
They won our first week of house points. 

Lasts weeks attendance was 95.4%