18th March 2018

What a Windy week this has been but we did try to make the most of it in between the rain showers. The children absolutely loved chasing their scarves around the field and Mr Grayson’s homemade carrier bag kite.

We introduced our writing checklist this week and we have been very impressed with the children’s enthusiasm when writing their own version of ‘Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs’. We look forward to sharing them with you on parents evening.

We hope the children enjoyed dressing in Red for Red Nose Day on Friday- Mrs Parsons biscuits were definitely a big hit!

11th March 2019

This week we enjoyed Pancake Day on Tuesday and lots of fun activities for World Book Day on Thursday.

4th March 2019

Welcome back! Our first week started with the story Dear Zoo, which the children enjoyed reading. We had lots of fun thinking about what would make the perfect pet and the reasons why we might send a pet back to the zoo. By the end of the week everyone had created a page for our own class book.

In numeracy we practised counting in 10’s then using this skill to count larger numbers of objects.

The children enjoyed balancing and jumping in PE and we certainly noticed lots of confidence on display as they tackled the highest bench!

Believe it or not we have nearly used all of the 450 milk bottles you sent in and the igloo is almost there.

Please continue with the home reading, it is great to see so many certificates being awarded each week and it really makes a huge difference. Thank you..

11th February 2019

After learning about different temperatures and melting ice last week, this week was all about chocolate! The children absolutely loved predicting then finding out what would happen when they held the chocolate in their hand. The best bit of course was getting to eat the results at the end!

Chinese New Year was also celebrated this week, the year of the pig, with some writing and pictures.

We are continuing to work on our handwriting and were pleased to give out lots of certificates including our first Zig Zag monster, the final letter formation certificate. Well done everyone.

4th February 2019

This week we made the most of the cold and frosty weather and set the children a challenge to free some animals that had been trapped in the ice. They had a go at using different tools to see which one was the best and then used this as a stimulus to write a sentence about which tool was the best.

We continued to work on our numeral recognition matching them to different amounts and also placing them in order. The children really enjoyed exploring the thick frost on the field. Looking closely at the ice crystals on the individual leaves but most of all making different shapes and trails using their feet!

Thank you for for continued support with the children’s reading at home, it really does make a huge difference just a little amount of time each day.

28th January 2019

This week the children have been practising writing numerals the correct way and also matching them to given numbers or amounts. We also continued exploring what is like in different parts of the world by looking at the Arctic and learning about Polar bears. Thank you for the donations of milk bottles. We are counting them by tying them together in groups of 10. So far we have 140 but we estimate that we will need about 400 to make the igloo so please keep sending them in!

This week was Road Safety Week in school so we also spent lots of time discussing how to keep safe whilst walking near roads.

14th January 2019

Welcome back after the Christmas Break. We started by reading the book ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers about a little boy and a penguin. The children were very interested in penguins and could tell us lots of facts. We were able to practise our reading and labelling skills as we made our own life size Emperor Penguin for the classroom. We also placed our toy penguin in lots of different places which helped us to remember our ‘positional’ language to describe something is, such as on top, behind, under and next to.

We have had a really positive start to the Spring term, great behaviour, super reading and also lots of handwriting certificates. Well done everyone!