14th January 2019

Welcome back after the Christmas Break. We started by reading the book ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers about a little boy and a penguin. The children were very interested in penguins and could tell us lots of facts. We were able to practise our reading and labelling skills as we made our own life size Emperor Penguin for the classroom. We also placed our toy penguin in lots of different places which helped us to remember our ‘positional’ language to describe something is, such as on top, behind, under and next to.

We have had a really positive start to the Spring term, great behaviour, super reading and also lots of handwriting certificates. Well done everyone!

17th December 2018

This week we have focussed on recognising words that rhyme. Initially we did this by putting objects that rhyme into a pair and later using picture cards. Outside we practised our writing by making ‘stop’ and ‘go’ signs to control the bikes on the road. Myra was fascinated by our Halloween pumpkin that we had deliberately left outside to see what happened. It has know gone ‘soft and squidgy’ and collapsed as it has started to decompose. We were lucky to find some ice in the tough tops after the frost on Thursday night, the pieces of which made some great patterns.

Finally on Friday afternoon the children took it turns to help Mrs Ellis at the Christmas Enterprise fair. Thank you for all your support.

10th December 2018

This week has certainly been hectic in Foundation. We hope you enjoyed the ‘Bossy King’ version of the Nativity story, the children were truly amazing. They displayed such confidence standing on the stage and sang beautifully. We are so proud of each and everyone of them!

We then looked at following instructions to make Christmas paper chains which we were then able to use to practise our counting and comparing skills to order them according to length.

Thank you to all those who were able to stay for the Christmas craft morning on Friday. Once the glue has dried the decorations will be sent home ready to hang on the tree.

A big well done to Teagan and Jonah for achieving their handwriting certificates.

3rd December 2018

This week started with out with our visit to St Swithun’s Church in town to see the Christmas Tree Festival. The church looked amazing with a total of 94 Christmas trees, all beautifully decorated by local schools, community groups and businesses. The children enjoyed spotting what the different decorations had been made from and were very pleased to find their own. A big thank you to all the parents who joined us and helped keep the children safe on the walk to and from town.

In between the rain and the wind this week the children made the most of the courtyard area exploring the mud kitchen and helping to upgrade our home area.

A special mention to Kaitlyn, Alfie and Patrick who earned their Name certificates this week after lots of hard work.

The week ended with a full dress rehearsal of our Nativity play in front of a packed audience. The children were amazing and we can’t wait for you to see the Performance next week!

26th November 2018

This week in Foundation we have been preparing our tree for the Annual Christmas Tree Festival at Swithun’s church. The children have all made a lovely decoration  and we can’t wait to visit the church next week and see all the other trees that have been decorated.

We have also been working hard applying the phonic sounds we have learned to help us read simple sentences and labels.

Well done to all our amazing Bookworms and Hand writers for achieving their certificates.

19th November 2018

This week has been Anti Bullying week and we used the book, The Smartest Giant In Town to talk about being kind and thinking about other people’s feelings and we all got chance to wear our spotty socks!

We worked on our reading and writing skills by playing a dressing up game where the children had read a sentence on a dice to find out what they had to put on.

The children have really enjoyed discovering new things in the outside courtyard area and this has given us lots of opportunities to practise our maths and counting skills.

We have started to practise our Nativity songs but it would really helpful if you could have a go at home too. We have sent the words home and the songs are in the link below. 

12th November 2018

This week the children have enjoyed making firework pictures and writing labels to describe the sounds that they made as they exploded. We also enjoyed creating obstacle courses in the courtyard area and practising our number writing skills.

Each class in school also created a Poppy for Remembrance. Inspired by the Green Champions each one was made from old CD’s and DVD’s which had been donated for recycling by one of our Governor’s. We hope you like the display around school.

29th October 2018

The children have made it, the end of their first half term in full time school! They are all ready for a well earned break. We have a great final week where the children all had a go at their first proper writing task and we are looking forward to showing you their captions for the Little Red Hen on parents evening.

We have had some super role play this week, from builders to firemen in our outside area. Thank you for all your support at home, we had a record number of bookworms this week and a great way to finish the term. We also had 12 children who achieved 100% attendance. Well done to everyone!

Please see the video for the Alphabet rap which may help with the half term homework.

22nd October 2018

This week the children have enjoyed learning about different shapes. We concentrated on the simple 2D shapes, square, rectangle, circle and triangle and we identified them in the environment and made our own. Louis was a Superstar because he told us all about a pentagon which has 5 sides.

We also learnt the story of the Little Red Hen using a story map to help us remember what came next and Molly used this to recite it in front of the whole class! The children then loved using the puppets to make a play.

15th October 2018

This week in Foundation we have been looking at what Harvest means. We talked about how the farmers are busy at the end of the growing season gathering and collecting their crops. We then had a little harvest of our own as we dug up some potatoes from the school garden and collected lots of apples

We used used the apples to make our own apple crumble which Mrs Parsons baked for us in the school kitchen. We then used this experience to help us sequence some pictures to make our own instructions.

Again we have to say well done to our Bookworms for lots of reading at home and also Molly, Maisy and Jack for earning their handwriting certificates.

8th October 2018

This week we have been practising our counting skills using Mrs Shaw’s ‘swag bags’, where the children have to find the correct number of objects to put in their bag. We have also been learning the first 6 ‘tricky words’, these being words that have to be remembered by sight as you cannot blend the letter sounds.

This week we had a record number of children receiving a bookworm certificate, so thank you for all your support with reading at home.

Well done to Kodie for earning his name certificate.

24th September 2018

This week in Foundation we started our topic ‘All About Me’ with some collage self portraits. The children worked really hard to choose the correct colours for their hair and eyes and they look super. We are continuing with daily handwriting practice and we hope you enjoy the homework task to make their name using different materials or objects.

It has been a very windy week but we tried to make the most of it on Wednesday when we took the scarves out to fly on the field!

On Friday we had a special visit from the library bus where we chose some books for the classroom and we also had our first visit to Mrs Alfords whole school assembly. The children sat beautifully throughout and we aim to go again at the end of this half term.

Can I please remind you to record and reading in your child’s organiser and our target is 3 reads per week to achieve a bookworm certificate.

17th September 2018

The children have been fantastic in their first full week at school. They have been busy making new friends and finding their way around the new areas. We have already started handwriting practice, starting their name and certificates are awarded as the children progress learning to form different groups of letters correctly.

Thank you for your support with reading, just a few minutes each day makes a huge difference. Please remember to record any reading and book sharing in your child’s reading record. Our target is three times a week.

Have a lovely weekend!