15th July 2019

This week we have been outside enjoying the sunshine. Mrs Shaw took us to visit the courtyard where we got chance to explore the flowers and look at all the different petal shapes. 

As part of Eco week we practised how to write capital letters by reusing old computer disks that were going to be thrown away. We are hoping to put this sign on the courtyard fence. 

8th July 2019

Thankfully the sun returned for sports Day number 2! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and we hope you agree that the children were amazing. They were also very excited to meet their new teachers and class mates on Tuesday. It was nice to get them them back and were looking forward to the last 2 weeks.

Finally a big thank you to everyone who sent donations of plants for our summer fair. We have spent the week potting up and getting the stall ready and it was lovely to see so many of you after school on Friday.

24th June 2019

All the rain of last week left us with some perfect ponds in which to test our boats. The children had to think carefully about which materials to use so that they didn’t sink.

It has also been road safety week so we have talking about how to keep safe as pedestrians whilst we are walking near roads. The road safety team taught the children a song to help them remember. Stop, Look, Listen.

We have also had lots of fun learning the story of the Three Little Pigs to help us write the story.

17th June 2019

After trying to save Humpty Dumpty last week with a suitable landing pad, this week the children wrote back explaining what they had done. We decided to copy Humpty’s original letter by making a scroll which we made look very old.

We also harvested some of our radishes which we took over to Mrs Parsons to put into the salad bar. We have also been practising our maths skills in different situations such as telling the time, ordering numbers and building different 3D shapes.

10th June 2019

It has been a very busy first week back which started by looking at all the different materials that were brought in. Our first job was to sort them by different types and then look at their properties such as are they hard or soft, rigid or flexible. After reading the Nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty the children were then challenged to make a landing pad which could save Humpty. The children were thoroughly engaged with their task and really enjoyed testing it out, first with a rubber egg and then a real one!

We have also planted some new seeds for different plants we are hoping to sell at the summer fair and we are pleased the beans and flowers we planted before the holiday seem to be doing very well.

Foundation and Nursery Sports Day is on the morning of Wednesday 26th June and we look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. Practise has begun!

20th May 2019

This week we decided that it was time to replant our runner beans outside as we could see the roots were running out of space. They are now in one of the courtyard tyres and already the children are predicting how tall they might grow. Each of them them then followed some simple visual instructions to plant their own bean seed which it will be their responsibility to look after. We then followed this by writing set of instructions to explain what to do.

In maths we used bean bags to create different addition calculations which we then had go at writing as full number sentences. A welcome return of the sunshine meant we could enjoy our PE lesson outside.

Mr Grayson also brought in some of his son’s bee keeping equipment to show them.

13th May 2019

This week we have learning more about shapes, how to recognise them and the new words we can use when talking about them.

We also learned the differences between 2D flat shapes and 3D fat shapes. We have been sorting them, finding them in the sand, making pictures with them and even trying work out which ones we had found just by feel by keeping our eyes closed!

Our runner beans are growing taller every day and the roots have nearly filled the bottom of the planter. The children are very curious to see how tall they are going to grow.

6th May 2019

The highlight of our week has undoubtedly been the trip to White Post Farm. The children had a fantastic experience meeting some familiar and not so familiar animals, from meerkats, snakes and salamanders to goats, pigs and llamas! We’re looking forward to showing off their writing recounting the trip.

Back at the school the runner bean’s roots are developing and the first shoots have appeared and everyone planted a bedding plant in our recycled flower wall in the courtyard.