2nd July 2017

This week saw the return of Mrs Piper. The children were all very pleased to see her back and enjoyed working with her once again.

Mathematics was a return to basic week. The children worked on their four operation skills and showed that they could choose an appropriate strategy to solve whatever calculation was placed in front of them. They also looked at fractions and recapped how to add, subtract and calculate fractions of values.

Discussion is the new English focus. The children read a couple of different discussion texts and used these to identify the key features that will be required when they write their own. They also magpied some useful words and phrases which Mrs Piper is looking forward to seeing in their writing. The children also spent time this week looking at the different types of determiners and where they can be found in a text.
We collected 8 handshakes.
Our attendance was a very good 99.5%