23rd June 2017

The highlight of last week was Tuesday’s trip to Twycross Zoo. The children enjoyed taking part in the classroom session where they got to meet and touch one of the zoo’s tortoises and one of the cockroaches. The children had a fantastic day and enjoyed looking at the wide range of primates and other animals. A selection of the photographs taken can be seen below. On returning to school, the children completed a written recount of their day out during their English lessons.

Mathematics focussed on revisiting and revising the arithmetic methods that are needed to solve calculations. Working in pairs the children completed several sets of mixed questions which required them to bounce from one skill to the next. It was very pleasing to see the children tackling some challenging questions.

Friday was sports day. All of the children participated in at least one event. Whether it was the sprint races, the obstacle and relay races, or the long distance ones, the children tried their best and had a fun afternoon.

Last week we collected 7 handshakes.
Our attendance was a disappointing 86.1%