8th May 2017

English has been another week of poetry. We have been studying Elaine Morandini’s Poem ‘My little Monster.’ It describes a fearsome creature which turns out to be her pet cat. After learning the poem, we planned our own version about a different creature and then write this up in our neatest handwriting.

In mathematics we started the week by looking at Parallel and perpendicular lines. Once we started to spot them around the classroom we soon realised that they were all around us. We then used these skills to identify the features of different quadrilaterals. We were soon able to draw and spot squares, oblongs, trapeziums, parallelograms, rhombuses and kites.

We have moved on to looking at Rainforests in our topic lessons. We used our organisers to find the countries which have rainforests and then transferred this to our own maps. We have researched the four layers (floor, understory, canopy and emergent) of a rainforest and completed a reading comprehension based on a short text. Some of us also used a formula to convert the temperatures found in rainforests from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Our class attendance was 100%!
We collected 4 handshakes