1st May 2017

Over the last two weeks we have completed two units of writing in English. After the Easter holidays we completed our work on instruction. After watching two short films about Roman Ballistas we thought through the process and then wrote the instructions for how these mighty weapons would have been fired. Then we moved on to look at a poem called ‘A day in the life of Danny the cat’ It described the exploits of a family pet. We then sued this as a model to write our own poem about what a more exotic creature might spend their day doing.

In mathematics we investigated converting measures of length. We used rulers and our knowledge of multiplying and dividing by ten and a hundred to convert between millimetres, centimetres, metres and kilometres. We then used our measuring skills to find the perimeters of different shapes. Finally we moved on to triangles and investigated the different properties of equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles.

Our topic work has focus on the Maya civilisation. We have learnt about the people from Central America who lived over a thousand years ago. We were surprised to discover that, like the Egyptian’s, they build pyramids and that they had their own version of football. We really enjoyed making our own Maya inspired headdresses. Some photographs of our headdresses can be seen below.