22nd May 2017

Mrs Drayling has had another lovely hard working week in 4B.

She has helped the children to investigate different styles of headlines and set the children the task of writing a headline for their newspaper story over the weekend. The class has also considered the effect that conditionals have on sentences. At the end of the week the children did some hot seating work to generate quotes ready for next week’s newspaper report writing.

Mathematics focused on co-ordinates. The children thoroughly enjoyed using different co-ordinate grids to both encode and decode message. They found Friday’s co-ordinates challenge more difficult but persevered and managed to decide which letters needed to be placed in which positions on their grids.

As the photographs below show, the children had a fantastic gymnastics lesson with Mr Bell which involved creating some interesting balances.

Last week we won the handshakes competition with 22 handshakes.
Our attendance was 95.2%
Our composer of the week was Luke for working hard on his handwriting.