6th March 2017

We have been learning specific skills so that when we write our own poem about the death of a robot towards the end of the week, we can make improvements on our first effort.  We will be trying very hard to include rhythm, as well as evidence of rhyme, alliteration and similes. We are getting excited about pulling all these skills together!

Decimals!  We are starting to recognise hundredths in images and using apparatus and will be progressing to learning about tenths as well as acknowledging the relationship between tenths and hundredths.

World Book Day – Thursday 2nd March
We enjoyed a day off timetable, which made a lovely change!  It was fantastic to see everyone dress up as book characters.  For the first hour of the day, we were pleased to welcome parents and grandparents to share reading activities and biscuits!  Our focus book was The Tunnel by Anthony Browne.  We concentrated on drama and character empathy.  There are some World Book Day photos for you to peruse.

We gained 17 handshakes this week – which is fantastic for us!  We came 2nd!
Once more, our attendance was over 98% so we have another certificate to add to the collection.  Well done us!

Composer of the Week
Our composer of the week is Megan Dunlop.  She is a kind hearted girl and this has been plain to see by the way she has been overseeing the welfare of one of our class members.  You have been noticed, Megan, and you are appreciated!