27th March 2017

Our learning of how to write instructions is ongoing and this week we have been learning all about subordinating conjunctions (even though, because of, provided that etc).  It’s quite tricky trying to include them in our writing, but we’re determined to use them in our instruction writing.

More work with decimals – we have looked at rounding, ordering and comparing tenths and hundredths.

We had a very enjoyable trip to the mosque in Sheffield.  As usual, the children were extremely well-behaved and respectful of where they were.  We spent an informative 2 hours at the mosque and as you can see from the photos, the inside of the building was totally different to what most children (and myself) have witnessed before.

There are also photos showing a food-tasting experience, which the children enjoyed on Friday afternoon.  We thought it would be nice for the children to sample foods similar to what would be eaten followers of Islam.  They tasted onion bhajis, popadoms, dips, naan bread and samosas.  Most of the children tried everything, even though they didn’t always enjoy what they sampled.

Red Nose Day
We enjoyed wearing a variation to our school uniform, being able to wear something red.  Some of the children were keen to have their noses painted red too – as you can see from the photos!

Easter Enterprise
We have introduced our Easter Enterprise to the rest of the school.  We are inviting children to create their own Easter card with an entry fee of only 50 p.  Entries will be judged next week, with a winner from each class.  We’re hoping that there are a lot of creative fingers out there!

Only 3 handshakes, I’m afraid.

Well, we didn’t get 100% but we did win the attendance award!  Well done, Beethoven!

Composer of the Week
Our composer of the week is Jesse Ross.  He has worked very hard in English and did some lovely work in maths, finding fractions of numbers independently.  Well done, Jesse!