20th March 2017

As well as starting our new unit learning how to write instructions, we are continuing to write up or type up our “Death of a Robot” poems, which are gradually being presented on our English display board as they are completed. 

More work with decimals – our focus being on placing decimals in order of size.

In preparation for our trip to the mosque at Sheffield next week, we have been learning more about Islam.

Carr Hill in Bloom
As part of the Carr Hill intra school competition as to which class can grow the largest potato (or smallest potato), we spent a blustery few minutes on Friday planting our potatoes  (see photos).

Only a handful of handshakes this week.

Well, we certainly compensated for last week’s low score and achieved and perfect score of 100%.  Well done, Beethoven!

Composer of the Week
Our composer of the week is Tamzin. She has worked very hard on her Robot poem and put much effort into to including all her targets, including end rhymes, which is incredibly difficult!