13th March 2017

Much time has been dedicated to completing our “Death of a Robot” poems this week, including presenting them ready for display.  We are thrilled with the progress we have made in this unit.

More work with decimals – this time our focus has been on learning about tenths.

We had fun this work “playing” with magnets to investigate what could do around the classroom.  We also carried out a formal investigation to predict and then find out how many paper clips a magnet was able to lift through magnetic forces.  See photos.

A small number of handshakes this week – 8!

Our attendance was not so good this week, due to illness and holidays.  Hopefully, we’ll be back on form next week.

Composer of the Week
Our composer of the week is Marcelina.  She finds in incredibly difficult to find the confidence to talk in groups in class and indeed to communicate with adults around school. This week has seen lovely progress in this area.  Well done, Marcelina and keep it up!